EBEL 2016-17 Hockey Stickers


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Here are the first pictures of the new stickers collection for the EBEL 2016-17 (Austrian Icehockey League); this is the second issue after last year. 320 stickers to collect, no shinnies. There isn't any editor; the collection is produced by the Austrian federation and with a partnership with Citypress, which is a photopress agency.
It's really difficult to complete those collections because there are only 30 packs in a box (so lots of doubles if you buy 3 boxes...). The price is cheap, 0,50 by pack, 1 Euro for an empty album. Except 2 websites, you can only buy the boxes in hockey shops (clubs, or special shops). Very few people are collecting the stickers, and you can't make an order for the missing stickers.

Last year I had the complete album, but I bought it directly...

There is a collection for the German DEL too; I will propose pictures when I will receive the empty album with the first sealed packs.


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