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Good Evening All!

This is a first for me!

No not posting here (I know, I've been slack recently!) but buying an album dedicated to a club rather than a league or an event!

A few months ago I bought the first ever dedicated Norwich City Sticker Book... yep that's right a sticker book, not an album!

It says it on the cover too!

Norwich Sticker Book 1.jpg

Do you know why I bring this brief review to you? Well it's because of the outstanding quality of this album as it stands out significantly to many modern collections.

Note: I was going to write this review a few months ago but as they beat my favourite team I thought I'll teach them a lesson and review it later! You're right, it made no difference at all!

Anyway back onto the review! The thickness of the pages is like a top quality magazine and there's no way the stickers will make it crinkle or curl. The design is pretty good too with the cover featuring past and present Norwich legends (including one Iwan Roberts that scored 41 goals for Leicester City including a hat trick v Derby County! Magnificent).

Here's a few facts first:

- Pages: 60
- Stickers: 230
- Types of stickers: portrait/teams/shiny/action
- Release date: 13th Sept 2019
- Ease of collecting: Hard

You may of noticed that I say it's hard to collect and it is as very few sellers have much stock to offer out now including the NCFC club shop. Even our favourite online auction site has limited stock as of today.

All good collections need stickers and each packet typically costs a pricey £1 for 5 stickers (that's if you can find any on sale)!
Norwich Sticker Book 2.jpg

The inside pages are glossy too and full of information:

Norwich Sticker Book 3.jpg

Norwich Sticker Book 6.jpg

Norwich Sticker Book 8.jpg

Putting fun aside this album is a tremendous effort capturing past and present greats for our East Anglian friends.

If my team ever has an album like this I would be over the moon with it and I hope this will be the first of many to come.

Next post: the stickers!


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Photos of the stickers will be coming soon... but my phone has broken and won't charge! What a time for my phone to break. BTW the stickers are pretty nice, not remarkable, but still pretty nice! I'll hopefully take the shots tomorrow when the new phone arrives!


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Good Morning All!

As promised here's some pictures of the stickers:

The first ten in the album are gold framed (no other shiny stickers afterwards):
Norwich Stickers 1.jpg

Sadly the middle one of Delia Smith isn't the 'Let's Be Having You' moment! If you don't know look it up, it's worth a watch on Youtube!
Norwich Stickers 2.jpg

Lots of current player portraits like below:
Norwich Stickers 3.jpg

The album is full of in action stickers:
Norwich Stickers 4.jpg

Did they see the future? 2020 style lockdown haircuts maybe!
Norwich Stickers 5.jpg

Album full of action photographs:
Norwich Stickers 7.jpg

For me this is a great album for any supporter to have of their club and I'm sure it was easier collecting it in Norwich than the rest of the UK, let alone EU or Worldwide!

The stickers are printed to a high standard, yet they're a little basic compared to Calciatori style ones that have much more detail on them.

All in all if my club did a similar album I would be very happy to have it with no complaints whatsoever.