Dripping paint on a card

FC Swiss


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I ordered a legend Ian Rush card from a polish site and when i got it i saw a dripping paint on his stats. Is there something i can do about it ? is it an error print ?



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I am unsure if the problem is only on the player stats? If the paint is vanished there, you must go for a refund. There is no sensible way to fix this without devaluating the card.

What you have in mind with fixing it?


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It seems to me that it was a printing error on the defence score... But overall, it looks like there's a bunch of tiny white spots (the biggest one on Ian Rush leg)... When you bought it, the card pictured was that one? If it was, could you zoom in to check it better? Either way, seller should have warned about it... Damn, I hate those guys, they always "forget" to warn about possible fails, just to sell

I know two polish sellers, one of them I bought a lot from him (though he did some minor mistakes) and the other was "ok", he just sent some packets with tobacco smell and an album without any cardboard protection, only inside a bubble envelope... Needless to say that the album came damaged, full of creases, due to multiple bends.