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Here I will list donations that CardzReview received, as I feel it has to be transparent. Only with that kind of transparency can we exactly know how much is in the "bank", so that we can think where to "invest it" website maintenance or improvement, depending on the amount.

Until 10/29/2015
Donations Total : $19.41

  • 9.41$ 10/29/2015
  • 10$ 11/8/2015
  • 50e 30/6/2015

Donations can be submitted either in forum sidebar or on website page and are handled through PayPal. This way PayPal charges a fee as well, so if you want, you can also send it as a gift, email address is provided upon request via private message.

Ideas on where money raised can be invested can be submitted here among other suggestions and ideas.

You can help this website plenty other ways other than financially. It is far bigger help if you can become our contributor and help us provide only the best content for our community on forum and blog. If you want to become a contributor, and write for our site, get in touch via pm or contact form.

Thanks all contributors and donators.
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