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So here are some facts about my collection:

I collect Bundesliga and everything arround teams in Bundesliga, I would prefer Panini but if there is just TOPPS available i take it too just cause i want to have the complete timeline ;)
Further I collect Championsleague, Euro Cup, World Cup, Copa America and Africa cup. I am still hoping for a nice Asia cup album:( maybe in future …

My oldest Album is Bundesliga 79 the first Panini did in Germany, therfore we had publisher like Americana and Bergmann. I had Albums back to Deutscher Fussball 1969 from Bergman, really thick albums with postcards to stick in, but i sold them, these old albums are older than me and people in there i never saw palying, thats why i decided to make a cut at this point were i start to remember in players.

You see this Album top left here:
further I got:

1979 Fussball Bundesliga
1980 Fussball
1981 Fussball
1982 Fussball
1983 Fussball
1984 Fussball
1985 Fussball
1986 „
1987 „
1988 „
1989 „
1990 „
1991 „
1992 „
1993 „
1994 „
1994/1995 Endphase Fussball Bundesliga ( Panini startet to release 2 albums per season)
1995 Fussball
1995/1996 Endphase Fussball Bundesliga
1996 Fussball ( 3 different covers: Reuter, Klinsmann and Basler )
1996/1997 Endphase Fussball Bundesliga
1997 Fussball ( 2 different covers: Klinsmann and Sammer )
1997/1998 Endphase Fussball Bundesliga
1997 Champion Stickers 1997 ( thrid Album that year )
1998 Fussball
1999 Fussball
1999 Mega Mix ( stickers and card in one album )
2000 Fussball
2001 Fussball Bundesliga
2002 Fussball Bundesliga
2002/2003 Fussball Bundesliga
2003/2004 Fussball Bundesliga
2004/2005 Fussball Bundesliga
2005/2006 Fussball Bundesliga
2006/2007 Fussball Bundesliga
2007/2008 Fussball Bundesliga
2008/2009 Fussball Bundesliga ( unfortunately the last one Panini did )
2009/2010 TOPPS Fussball Bundesliga
2010/2011 TOPPS Fussball Bundesliga
2011/2012 TOPPS Fussball Bundesliga
2012/2013 TOPPS Fussball Bundesliga
2013/2014 TOPPS Fussball Bundesliga
2014/2015 TOPPS Fussball Bundesliga

Team Albums from Bundeslig and German National Team Albums (Panini):
1998 WM Stickers ( teaser to World Cup 1998 )
2000/2001 Hertha BSC Berlin
2000/2001 Borussia Dortmund BVB
2000/2001 FC Bayern München
2006 Deutsches National Team ( teaser to Worldcup 2006 )
2008 Deutsche Nationalmannschaft ( teaser to Euro 2008 )
2009/2010 Hertha BSC Berlin
2009/2010 FC Bayern München
2009/2010 VfB Stuttgart
2010/2011 FC Bayern München
2010/2011 VfB Stuttgart
2011/2012 FC Bayern München
2011/2012 VfB Stuttgart
2011/2012 Borussia Dortmund BVB
2011/2012 Hertha BSC Berlin
2011/2012 Schalke 04
2012/2013 FC Bayern München
2012/2013 Borussia Dortmund BVB
2013/2014 FC Bayern München
2014/2015 FC Bayern München

Other continental cups (Panini):
1996 Africa Cup ( Cup of African Nations )
2001 Selecciones de America ( Copa America )
2007 Copa America
2008 Africa Cup
2010 Africa Cup
2011 Copa America
2011 WWC
2015 Copa America
2015 WWC

Euro Cup Albums (Panini):
1984 until now

World Cup Albums (Panini):
1982 untill now

Championsleague Albums (Panini):
1999 until now

Others (Panini):

1976/1977 Euro Football
2002 Road to World Cup
2008 Road to Euro
2012 Road to Euro
2013 Confed Cup
2013/2014 NBA ( I still dont know why … its the only non football album i got )
2014 Road to World Cup

and a lot of other stuff.... tons of dubble stickers, packets, empty boxes, additional stuff, updates, foreign stickers to Cups from all arround the world etc...

Right now I do have 212 different Albums, if I count with all the different nation versions of World Cup and Euro I do have like 30 albums waiting to be completed and I am still looking for a lot of rare stuff that exists.
Football is my passion, my hobby, my sport.
I am a supporter of Borussia Mönchengladbach since almost 30 years and i never miss a game at our homestadium at least as long as I can pay the tiket prices... anyway
I hope to get my 213 Album tomorrow when FIFA 365 is released !:D
My storage resulution is not worth to post, i just got a big cuppord only for my stuff, mor my wife would not allow :rolleyes: i pack every done album into a lelfsticking LDPE cover which is free of chemicals to safe the albums. each category has his own bord where i store everything arround it, world cup on top then euro cup then bundesliga and so on...
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Awesome stuff Danju. I especially like the Bundesliga albums, as I never had a chance to see this many of these at one place. Amazing.


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What impressed me most, besides the huge number of album, was how mint they seem to be... Congratulations for a very impressive album set :)


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Fantastisch !!! I really like the older Bundesliga ones. The art on the covers is one of a kind.
yes i do like them too, in the earlier years it seems they did the layouts with more passion.

What impressed me most, besides the huge number of album, was how mint they seem to be... Congratulations for a very impressive album set :)
i allways try to get good looking albums, with older ones it´s even harder, but from time to time you find some with a little bit of luck too. Fortunately I have got time ;) without pressure it´s easier to collect.

Awesome Danju! Are these all empty? Or some of the fully sticked? Or are even some albums seperately full?
i allways stick the sickers I am not a friend of collecting losse stickers, except extras and updates, anyway most of them are completely sticked, but I am still looking for a couple of stickers of random Albums.


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Due to I collect some sets loose like every 2nd year the swiss collection, how ever it is called (platinum,star,etc.) I was thinking a long time about how to store.
I started with rubberbands but as we all know that is not a good solution, later I put them into plastic clip boxes as we use them for the fridge, but that was´nt my favourite too.
This year I found something that I really like.
I came to it after searching for a good solution to store pagages and found a card file boxes in size A7 which really fit perfect for regular packages.
On Ebay I looked for larger ones but unfortunately I ordered a A6 instead of A7 which is much to big for packages, but this was the solution for my loose sets problems.
WP_20160413_09_26_30_Pro.jpg WP_20160413_09_26_43_Pro.jpg WP_20160413_09_26_57_Pro.jpg WP_20160413_09_27_10_Pro.jpg
I think I finally I got "my" perfect storaging, what do you think about ?


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nice collection, i buy the same empty album over and over again until i find a mint one... so i know your feeling about having mint albums.


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I've seen in your pics there are 2 copies of Angola 2010, there are 2 different albums from Panini? thanks!
it´s a free version and a buyable version. Not a variation.
Unfortunateley both albums are not mint. but quiet good except one crease on the back.


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Today,after some struggle, i received a package from china :D
I will post some details later at the relevant subtitles.
IMG_20161121_170953.jpg IMG_20161121_171033.jpg
IMG_20161121_171019.jpg IMG_20161121_171026.jpg
IMG_20161121_171057.jpg IMG_20161121_171109.jpg
IMG_20161121_171132.jpg IMG_20161121_171142.jpg
And some packets as well.
Regarding fifa 365, 2016 version I can defently say there is no space for extra chinese stickers.

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