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Hey!!! This forum is really awesome!

I'm Daniel, from Santiago de Chile, and I'm 33 years old. I used to collect sticker albums when I was a child, but with the time, I just stop it. Now, two-three years ago, I bought an album + 10 packets for my 8 years old nephew, but he just pass (“thanks, but i dont want it” he said with his smartphone in one hand). Well, I collect football jerseys (I have more than 80), so the collectionism is nothing weird to me: I open the packets and, well, against the surprise and incredulity of my wife, I start collecting again.

My first album was the Panini Campeonato Nacional Petrobras 2013-14. Then was the Panini Champion´s League 2013-14. Then I start to search for older albums, and just now I'm doing some trades overseas. This is a wonderful hobbie!:

In this two-three years, I have acomplished to Collect the following albums:

  • Campeonato Nacional Petrobras Apertura 2012 (Panini)

  • Campeonato Nacional Petrobras Apertura 2013-14 (Panini)

  • Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank Apertura 2014-15 (Panini)

  • Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank Apertura 2015 (Panini)

  • Champions League 2011-12 (Panini)

  • Champions League 2012-13 (Panini)

  • Champions League 2013-14 (Panini)

  • Champions League 2014-15 (Panini)

  • Chile en la Copa America 2007 (Salo)

  • Futbol 2007 (Salo)

  • Torneo de Clausura 2008 (Salo)

  • Clausura Argentino 2008 (Panini)

  • Colo Colo Albo de Corazon

  • Colo Colo Eterno (Panini - 2013)

  • Copa America '93 y los Mejores de America (Salo)

  • Copa America 2011 Argentina (Panini)

  • Copa America 2015 Chile (Panini)

  • Euro 2008 Austria Suiza (Panini)

  • Euro 2012 Ucrania Polonia (Panini)

  • La Roja de Chile Mini Album (Salo - 2005)

  • La Roja en las Clasificatorias (Salo - 2007)

  • World Cup 2014 Brasil (Panini)

  • Play Messi (Aladino - 2014)

  • Premier League 2013-14 (Topps)

  • Road to Brasil (Panini - 2013)

  • Universidad de Chile 2011-12 (Panini)

The following cards:
  • Adrenalyn World Cup 2014 Brazil (Panini).

  • Adrenalyn Copa America 2015 Chile (Panini).

  • Selección Chilena 2015 (Panini).

  • Lots of other loose cards from other collections.
And other related stuff, like printed versions of older WC albums.

I'm a huge fan of AUDAX ITALIANO, one of the oldest chilean teams, so if you wanna know something about Audax, feel free to ask!

I will upload some pictures of my humble collections later at home, because I'm at a work break right now (I'm just saving some time, hehe).

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Nice collection Daniel, I hope you will share some more images with us in future. Glad you like the forum by the way, its great to have you here.


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Nice and very exotic collection for a european collector like me ! It looks like holidays ;)
I particulary like the "Roja" album with Marcelo Bielsa on cover. As you may know, Bielsa trained last year the Olympique de Marseille (OM), the very popular french club. Unfortunatly, few people here in medias and french football liked him as he deserves. On the contrary, they spent all year spiting on his face, explaining he was a clown. He is probably a bit crazy, but he is a genius too. As Guardiola do, chilean people know it too !

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Thanks! I will post in the future any chilean or southamerican album i can get (that's the reason i dont upload pictures of the WC or CL, 'cause you all knows it, but the rich chilean album tradition of the defunct Salo Editors, i think will be of interest for you).

Marcelo Bielsa is remembered for most of chileans with tenderness. His attitude made him fight against the interests of the bussinesmen who rules teams and federations, and that's why he, sadly, left our National Team. He's a great, and I miss him, because his will to make things (not just sports) better. Ok, his a human, not a marble hero, but his one of my life references.

I forgot to upload the only non futbol album I have in my collection, and is very recent (one-two weeks?). This chilean WWE sticker album, published by KLU!, a new editor in the market (i think is it first album published. Maybe in thefuture they release futbol related stuff). Well, i buy it because this is a kind of sport (show-sport), ind I love to watch any sports (except curling).



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Some good albums i have never seen Daniel, thanks for sharing and congrats on Chile winning the Copa, although it's 3 months ago.


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Hello Daniel! Really nice collection, several albums I never had in my hands, is hard to see in Europe :)

Can you tell me more about Copa America 93? I have all albums from Navarrete (first was 1995, at least this is what I know...), then Panini Copa America from 2007 (I miss 2001 :() ... so there was something before Navarrete? Salo is a chilean editor?... ok stop with questions :)

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Ok! Salo was a traditional and very missed chilean editor, founded in 1962 (as a candy store) and defunct due to debts (bankrupcty) in 2010. When Panini arrives to Chile in the '90s, it had to struggle with Salo for the control of the market. At a certain time, Salo was very strong, creating card games, exporting to Mexico, and getting bigger and bigger, but, as a familiar bussines, later the sons of the founder take the control of the company, made some changes, make Salo grew more than they can handle, and finally kill it. Panini adquire the licenses owned traditionally by Salo (Nationals Champinship, national teams) and part of the staff, so there is a continuity, a transition, between Salo and Panini Chile (in fact the people who works at the Panini Store is the same who works long years ago in the Salo Store. Quite a sad storie. Salo is for Chile like Navarrete for Peru.

The first album published by Salo was the "Campeonato Mundial de Futbol 1962". In this album, the stickers were given with the purchase of candys ("Caramelos" ="Candys" in the cover).

Some other examples:


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I did this pdf guide for who wants to know the albums published in Chile 1965-2015. I dont include the Panini international releases, like Euros, CL or WC. Just the local (or international with local extras) releases. There's a lot of info still missing (number of stickers, number of pages), but Im still working in this.


Let me know what do you think! Regards!

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