Custom Football League trading cards


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Hi Everyone, i'm pretty new around here, and was just posting my custom Football League trading cards in case any of you are interested in ordering any. I have designed them for many teams, but only this seasons cards are up on my website. If you follow the link you will find links to all my sets on Ebay. Please feel free to email me at if you would like make a request for a team that is not on my website or Ebay.

AFC Wimbledon.png Barnsley.png Bradford.png Bristol Rovers set 2.png Cambridge United.png Chesterfield set.png Leeds United.png Millwall.png Norwich City set 1.png
Cheers, Josh



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  • you sell cards or just the pictures? Usually the images are printed first and then "glued" to a thicker material than paper.
  • are you aware about licensing to use pictures or logos? Don't forget you're profiting from images that might have copyright material, such as the league logo, sponsors and clubs badges.
  • it's always 9 cards per team or more?
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Hi, they are match attax size cards, the pictures are part of the card as you can see and not stuck on. They are printed are on thick glossy photo paper as well. I a m fully aware of the licencing issues and copyright laws that can stop me from doing this. As this is in a relatively small group it shouldn't cause many problems compared to if i was selling them on a commercial scale. Under the rules of fair use, i would have a firm case for being able to use the images. The images are being used in a different context to what they were in before, meaning i have re purposed the images. I have also only used the parts of the images that are needed, For example, cropping, so i am not using the full image. These are both respected defenses for fair use. Yes for most teams i only have nine cards, although some have 18, or even 27, the details are on my website.