Copa America Argentina 2011


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Hi Jimmy!
I have this 4 different variations of sealed packs.
I think there are all the variations, without including the ones who differenciate in 'Contiene 5 stickers', 'Contiene 5 cromos', 'Contiene 5 figuritas.:)
There is at least also a white version + also the Argentinian version. When I can find the time I'll check my collection.


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I just took a look at my personal collection.

Made in Italy (2 types)
Silver version
White version

Made in Brazil
(3 types):
Golden version (contiene 5 stickers - contiene 5 figuritas - contém 5 Cromos)
Ochre version SOFT PAPER!(contiene 5 stickers - contiene 5 figuritas - contém 5 Cromos)
Ochre version THICKER PAPER! and the white is ivory white (I ony have one version: Contiene 5 stickers)

Industria Argentina
(1 type):
Silver version (Contiene 5 figuritas)

I collected them during the last years, but I have no idea anymore about the country where it came from.
Also I don't have any idea if there are also 3 versions of the Ochre version with the ivory white paper. I only have one language version, but I guess there are also 3 of them.

Feel free to confirm or add info.
I bought an Italian mini album from calciatori mag called: l'album del torneo. I know there is also one from confederations cup 2013.
Does anyone know if they did this for more tournaments?

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