Copa America 2019 - Brazil


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With Brazil having won the Copa America, I wonder if Panini may change their procedure by doing a squad update sticker set?

The England women's world cup updates have made a belated appearance for the first time, so who knows?
Hi @Hoddle01 i had no idea there is an update set and I couldn’t see anything on eBay etc. Is it out now?

Edit: just seen it on Panini site for £2.99. Looks like there’s 8 new stickers


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Just this via ebay.......nice and colourful collection.......bought it complete with the hardcover album. The pages are so much better quality than a softcover album!


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As report by our well-known friend @Caniggia , special album + extra stickers were distributed during some matches of Copa America 2019 and only in specific sections of the stadium after a draw. Therefore I guess this set could be considered as extremely rare :)


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Yeah, @Caniggia forgot to share with us here (I also shared his post on Facebook).

It's considered a ultra rare edition, it's like @gaspy wrote, given away in randow draws on specific sections (almost certain the VIP area). Whoever got it and now wants to sell it, it's asking for prices in the hundreds (be reais, euros, whatever, it's damn expensive).


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With regards to the KARIBEÑA Copa America 2019 collection, I am happy to buy just the sheets with the 23 Brazil players on if anyone can help me?

Thank you.

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