Confederation Cup Russia 2017


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Today, FIFA released the official emblem for this competiton

Do you think Panini will release an album like it did for the last 2013 edition ?


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Probably yes. I will be a little sarcastic, but this is a way for Panini to make money with FIFA license...


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I hope for an album even if it´s an in action album without badges or any shiny stickers, as we had back in the last big tournaments.


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You're right! Some albums are very boring! For this moment I'm sticking Apertura 2015 for the Mexican League; there are only big portraits of the faces of the players (we can't see even their shirt) and I have the impression to stick 300 times the same sticker, or to collect the portraits of a group of prisoners found in the Archives of the Police^^ Nevertheless, the shinies are really funny (especially the mascots) and save a little the album.


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Without shinies or at least special stickers every album is boring.
I hope there will be a confederation cup album. And the Road to WC 2018 Russia.
Confederation cup in 2013 was not boring ( I am trying to collect stickers now) . There were cities, stadium, shiny badges, team puzzles. Road to albums are simple players in action. So actually I am waiting Confederation cup 2017 :)


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For Oceania , Tahiti's out

The semi finals of Oceania Nations Cup 2016 are : Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands , and , New Zealand-New Caledonia .


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Oceania Nations Cup 2016 in Papua New Guinea :

Today Semi Finals : Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands 2-1 , New Zealand-New Caledonia 1-0

Saturday , Final :

Papua New Guinea-New Zealand

Papua or New Z. on Panini Confed. Cup 2017 ?


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Final : Papua New Guinea-New Zealand 0-0 ( pso 2-4 )


Album Panini Confed Cup 2017 , Russia , Germany , Chile , Australia , New Zealand , Mexico , winner Europe and Africa .

Sergio Z

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Panini's Confederations Cup 2013 album was an initiative of Panini Brasil, as far as I know. If Panini from Italy takes the initiative, we'll probably have this album (released in very few countries, mainly Europe, for sure). After all, they're looking forward to make a profit (like @Ceesmk said).

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