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Collection Advise

Hi All

Sorry if this is within the wrong section I am new to CardzReviews.

I was wondering if those with knowledge could give some advise.

Is there a website where I can find the ratio of cards per pack across various sets of collections mainly Football, Panini&Topps.

Also does anyone have tips on the best way to catalogue your collection so its easy to monitor what cards/stickers you have and and that it would be easy to remove and add when completing trades.

last thing.. is there any tools or sites which help to identify if a trade is of equal value or is this just based on those involved in the trade.

Many Thanks


Staff member
Welcome aboard.
Manfred already gave you a good advice.
I'd only add that as for card valuations it's common to use eBay. (market value)
In general a card is worth what someone is ready to give/pay for it.
There is a site, that can help you track value of a card over the time, but there is a limited amount of collections added. http://www.priceguide.cards/en


Staff member
@Ag3ntSmyth for stickers, it's fairly simple to know about value, I've wrote an article once about it... For cards it's much more difficult, be collections like Adrenalyn or those high-end collections like Prizm, Donruss or Select... I do know a lot about Adrenalyn ratios and what's best or worse, but involves too many math to explain.

Basically, for both of them, Manfred and Pavle already gave good advices.