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Dear Collector,

I would like to ask your help to compile a list with all the albums published by Panini for a specific football club.
Here below the albums I could find:

South America
ARG Panini Boca Jrs Xentenario
ARG Panini River Plate – El Mas Grande

BRA Panini Corinthians 90 anos
BRA Panini Corinthians 100 anos
BRA Panini Flamengo
BRA Panini Flamengo – Orgulho de ser RuboNegro
BRA Panini Internacional
BRA Panini Palmeiras 100 anos
BRA Panini Santa Cruz 100 anos
BRA Panini Santos 100 anos
BRA Panini Sao Paulo Historico
BRA Panini Historia do Futebol Baiano

CHI Panini Colo Colo
CHI Panini Universidad de Chile

ECU Panini Barcelona SC

MEX Panini Club America Centenario

VEN Panini Caracas FC

AUT Panini 110 Jahre Sturm Graz (2019)

BEL Panini Club Brugge 125 jaar

ENG Panini Liverpool 2008/09
ENG Panini Liverpool 2009/10
ENG Panini Liverpool 2014/15
ENG Panini Manchester United 2006
ENG Panini Manchester United 2007/08
ENG Panini Manchester United 2008/09
ENG Panini Manchester United 2009/10
ENG Panini Manchester United 2010/11
ENG Panini Manchester United 2011/12
ENG Panini Manchester United 2012/13
ENG Panini Manchester United 2014/15

FRA Panini Allez les verts (Saint-Etienne)
FRA Panini Saint-Etienne 2000-2001
FRA Panini Bordeaux (1999/2000)
FRA Panini Bordeaux 2000/01
FRA Panini Lens (1999/2000)
FRA Panini Lens 2000/01
FRA Panini Olympique Lyonnais 2016/17
FRA Panini Olympique Marseille 1999
FRA Panini Olympique Marseille 2000
FRA Panini Olympique Marseille 2009/10
FRA Panini Olympique Marseille 2010/11
FRA Panini PSG 2000/2001

GER Panini Bayer 04 110 Jahre
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2000/01
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2009/10
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2010/11
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2011/12
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2012/13
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2013/14
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2014/15
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2015/16
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2016/17
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2017/18
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2018/19
GER Panini FC Bayern Munchen 2019/20
GER Panini Borussia Dortmund 2000/01
GER Panini Borussia Dortmund Echte Liebe
GER Panini Borussia Dortmund 2011/12
GER Panini Borussia Dortmund 2012/13
GER Panini Duisburg
GER ReinischePost/Panini Fortuna Dusseldorft 125 Jahre
GER Panini Hamburg 125 1887-2012
GER Panini Hertha BSC 2000/01
GER Panini Hertha BSC 2009/10
GER Panini Hertha BSC 2011/12
GER Panini FC Koln
GER Panini FC St.Pauli Sammeln
GER Panini VFB Stuttgart 2009/10
GER Panini VFB Stuttgart 2010/11
GER Panini VFB Stuttgart 2011/12
GER Panini VFB Stuttgart 2012/13
GER Panini Stuttgart bewegt seit 1893(125 jahren)
GER Panini FC Schalke 04 2011/12
GER Panini FC Schalke 04 2012/13
GER Just-Stick-It/Panini FC Schalke (2017)
GER Panini Werder Bremen Lebenslang Grun-Weiss

GRE Panini Olympiakos 2005

ITA Panini Tutto Bologna 1995/1996
ITA Panini Tutto Bologna 1996/1997
ITA Panini Tutto il Cagliari campione d'Italia 1969-70
ITA Panini Tutto Inter 1998
ITA Panini Le grandi vittorie (Juventus)
ITA Panini Juventus 2000
ITA Panini Juventus campione 31
ITA Panini Tutto Milan 1997
ITA Panini L'Album Gialloblu' 2015 (Modena)
ITA Panini Roma Roma Roma (2001)
ITA Panini AS Roma
ITA Panini Forza Spal! (2019/2020)

NED Panini Ajax 1999/2000
NED Panini Ajax 2000/2001
NED Panini Feyenoord 1999/2000
NED Panini Feyenoord 2000/01
NED Panini Feyenoord 2001/02
NED Panini Feyenoord 2008/09
NED Panini Feyenoord droomalbum 2018/19
NED Panini PSV 2000/01
NED Panini PSV 2007/08
NED Panini PSV Droomalbum 2017/18

POR Panini Benfica 2011/12
POR Panini Benfica 2012/13
POR Panini Benfica 2013/14
POR Panini Benfica 2014/15
POR Panini Porto 2011/12
POR Panini Porto 2012/13
POR Panini Porto 2013/14
POR Panini Porto 2014/15
POR Panini Sporting Lisbon 2012/13
POR Panini Sporting Lisbon 2013/14
POR Panini Sporting Lisbon 2014/15

SCO Panini Celtic The Bhoys 2000
SCO Panini Here Come The Bhoys 2001
SCO Panini Rangers the Gers 1999
SCO Panini Follow Follow The Gers 2001

SPA Panini Atletico Madrid 2010/11
SPA Panini Atletico Madrid 2012/13
SPA Panini Atletico Madrid 2013/14
SPA Panini Atletico Madrid 2014/15
SPA Panini Athletic Club Bilbao (95/96)
SPA Panini Super Barça 2005/2006
SPA Panini Barcelona 2007/08
SPA Panini Barcelona 2008/09
SPA Panini Barcelona 2009/10
SPA Panini Barcelona 2010/11
SPA Panini Barcelona 2011/12
SPA Panini Barcelona 2012/13
SPA Panini Barcelona 2013/14
SPA Panini Barcelona 2014/15
SPA Panini Deportivo 2011/12
SPA Panini Real Madrid 1995
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2000/2001
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2007/08
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2008/09
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2009/10
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2010/11
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2011/12
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2012/13
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2013/14
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2014/15
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2015/16
SPA Panini Real Madrid 2016/17
SPA Panini Valencia CF (2001)

TUR Panini Fenerbahce 2015/16
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Two more albums for the list:
AJAX 2001


Possibly many more are missing.
And the album of the Turkish fenerbahçe is 2015 - 2016. (It is not 2014 - 2015)

Michel: can you confirm if this image is two albums ???
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