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Above all else CardzReview Forum serves to provide a safe, secure and family friendly environment for trading cards and stickers collectors fans of all ages to share and discover their love for stickers, sticker albums, trading cards content and discussion.

A constructive, respectful and welcoming approach is required from all members at all times. In both forum posts and private conversations. The forum rules are a general guide about what we do and do not expect from members, it is not an exhaustive list and moderators will sometimes make decisions independent of the rules. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules please Contact Us.

  • Be Nice and Polite
    Every member deserves to be treated with respect. Positive and polite posts create a friendly and welcoming environment that all members will feel comfortable in.

  • Think Before Posting
    Sensible, well thought-out and legible posts help other members understand what is being explained.

  • Post in Relevant Section(s)
    Posting in the most relevant section will ensure threads are seen by members most interested in the subject. Threads posted in the wrong section will generally be moved by moderators.

  • Remain on Topic
    Threads should remain on the topic that they are discussing, they should not be discussing other topics. A new thread should be made for a new discussion.

  • Report Content
    Reported content is sent to staff members for review. If a post needs staff attention because it breaks the rules, needs to be modified or moved the report system is the correct way to alert the staff.
Do Not
  • Use Profanity or Post Inappropriate Content
    As a family friendly forum we require that all content posted on the forum is suitable for people of all ages, this includes words, videos and pictures. Any posts containing inappropriate content or profanity (including self censored, automatically censored, acronyms and slang) will be removed from the forum.

  • Flame or Provoke
    Do not insult or flame other members of the forum. Similarly, do not post with the intention of provoking a reaction from fellow members. This includes encouraging flame wars. Instigation is not tolerated.
  • Spam
    A spam post is a post that provides no value to the discussion, or a thread that creates nuisance for others. The most common spam posts are posting "tl:dr;", "+1", "this", posting image macros, and nothing but memes or images. Threads are considered spam when they are duplicates, or devoid of valuable content.

  • Bump Threads
    Posting in a thread only to bring it back to the front page of the forum is not allowed, a thread should only be on the front page of a forum if there is active discussion taking place. The only exceptions to this rule are a small number of help sections, if the section permits bumping this will be noted in the section rules.

  • Use CardzReview Forum for Commercial Activities
    Commercial activities are not permitted on CardzReview Forum. Do not post a link to your own websites, shops, youtube accounts or anything unless its relevant to the content. Self-promoting will not be tolerated.

  • Behave in a Malicious Manner
    Do not behave in a manner that can cause distress, harm or inconvenience to other members. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination, bullying, offensive material, breaching others privacy and accessing others accounts without permission. Accounts will be terminated in cases of malicious behavior.
Administrators and moderators have the ban users or remove offending without any notice in order to protect other members of the community.


First and foremost, this is an English speaking site (this means all public posts must be in English). If your English isn't that good, you are welcome to hang out, but please don't post something in poor English just for sake of posting. If you have a *legitimate* post, ask a friend to help you translate your post/question before posting it.

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Did you just copy/paste your post or did you actually take the time to write it?
  • Is your post understandable to someone who speaks English? Even better would be if it's actually grammatically correct.
  • Does your post have any value to anyone other than the thread starter (if not, just send them a private message)? This includes things like posting publicly that you sent them a private message (they already know... the system notifies them).
If you answered "No" (or even "Maybe") to any of those questions, simply don't post whatever it is.

Buying/Selling/Trading Rules
If you would like to trade, buy or sell items on this forum, make sure to read trading/buying/selling rules first.

If you have any questions or concerns, please open a thread in our SUPPORT FORUM.
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