CardzReview and the World Cup 2018 craze


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Another World Cup, another Paninimania, which I am sure plenty of you are already aware of.

I would like to thank plenty of volunteers here who provide excellent information on the forums and special kudos to @dantzig who has been doing some heavy lifting here moderating and writing content for the blog.

Many of you know, but new members might not that this site is powered only by the good will of fellow contributors and our visitors. At the beginning of the year, the website went under overhaul and we improved the forum interface.

There is still a work to do. CardzReview is a great place, family friendly and international, but it's becoming too large for only a few people to manage. We already have a contributors team in place, but we need more people helping.

The areas in which we currently need help :
- Blog writers for the news on the collections
- Graphic designers for social media
- Admin for Facebook World Cup 2018 group
- Facebook page social media poster
- Experienced WordPress web developer to help us improve the blog and make it, even more, user-friendly
- Someone who can help us format an eBook (graphics would be awesome).

If you can contribute in any way, please reply here with specific ideas on what you would like to see improved and how you can help us do it. While we are always opened for the ideas, it's much better if we can get some action. There will be plenty of new people in the community and it would be helpful if we can make them feel like at home not only by excellent forum insights but also by organizing content on the forum a bit better and improving existing one.

Thanks once again everyone, but new and also seasoned members without whom CardzReview would never be what it is today. We are growing, but in order to grow faster, contributions are needed.

There are some works on an eBook which we're working. The idea behind the book is to have a good amount of information for anyone interested in World Cup collections. Hopefully, the eBook funding would be enough to keep the site going and to remove the annoying ads, which I know are annoying but at this point, they are the only way to keep the cost of running the community going.

I am also thinking of enabling paid ads of various card shops on the site which might help with funding and will be more relevant to the users.

So much work, so little time, stay well my friends and let's make this wonderful community even better.


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In my second post I would like to list specific task, so if anyone is capable and willing to help , please reply with a specific task you'd like to do help.

Graphics Work
  • Design a new CardzReview Logo (Sergio Z)
  • Design infographics and images which we can share on social media and embed in our articles on the blog
  • Design new CardzReview Profile and cover photo for Facebook, Twitter
  • Ebook cover designer
  • T-shirt designer - design graphic work which can be used for CardzReview T-Shirts

Writing Work
  • The history of Panini (need a knowledgeable person on Panini's history to create an article on the company.
  • Panini World Cup 2018 Sticker Album Review (Pavle / Dantzig)
  • Panini World Cup 2018 Adrenalyn XL Review ( Dantzig)
  • How to store and protect Panini Stickers
  • How to store and protect Panini Albums
  • Panini World Cup 2018 Missing stickers - How to complete your album (Trading tips, where to buy, etc) (LeicesterRob)
  • Finance behind FIFA, World Cup and Panini (D8ct9r)
Social Media
  • Facebook Page content creator (something like this)
  • Facebook Group Moderator ( writing group rules, moderating content, deleting spam)
  • Slack Group Moderator (organizing channel, moderating content, deleting spam)
  • YouTube creator (an established YouTuber looking to take over the channel as a co-owner to publish video reviews and guides once every few weeks)
  • Ebook formatting
  • eBook proofread
  • GitHub manager (there are plans to make cardzreview an open source project which will make it's content open to creative commons so that people around the world can improve the content and do whatever they want with it.
As you can see the goal is to create a decentralized project so that there is no central authority in the community. I think that the best projects are developed if they are open-source, independent and funded by the community.
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Ouch, the Facebook Swapping group (1,607) will soon surpass the number of members on the forum (1,641)


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@Yhosho Good idea, our pinned post on Facebook probably needs to be better, if you have some ideas feel free to edit it.


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I think I have an Idea,

Today I managed to get my hands on many albums (soft cover, US version). I was thinking maybe we can make them a prize for a contest winner in which group members have to register to the forum in order to get into the contest. I don’t think it’s going to work because I don’t know who is going to cover the shipping costs and it won’t attract US residents, but I think we have to come up with something that will make people register.

Also if you guys are interested, let me know! Just pay for the shipping cost and I’ll send it to mars if you guys want! (I will give you the album for free if that wasn’t clear)

I was going to make a thread offering them but I got that Idea and wanted to run it by you guys first before I post it.


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The giveaway is a good suggestion. I'm not sure that the price of sticker album would be good enough. Once all this chaos passes, I'll email sponsors and see if anyone is interested in sponsoring a forum giveaway and we can advertise it on the group.

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