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i'm trying to guess newcomers in the update pack ("CalcioMercato" section).
usually Panini prints them at end of February. What do you think?

Diamanti Atalanta
Borriello Atalanta
Floccari Bologna
Zuniga Bologna
Constant Bologna
M. Brighi Bologna **
Falco Bologna **
Mancosu Carpi
Sabelli Carpi
De Guzman Carpi
Suagher Carpi **
Floro Flores Chievo
Ariaudo Empoli
Camporese Empoli **
Tino Costa Fiorentina
Zarate Fiorentina
Tello Fiorentina
Ajeti Frosinone
Rigoni Genoa
Suso Genoa
Cerci Genoa
Del Neri H. Verona *
Emanuelson H. Verona
Marrone H. Verona
Gilberto H. Verona
Eder Inter
Rugani Juventus **
Bisevac Lazio
Konko Lazio **
KP Boateng Milan
Alex Milan **
Niang Milan **
Grassi Napoli
Regini Napoli
Iachini Palermo *
Cristante Palermo
Spalletti Roma *
El Shaarawy Roma
Perotti Roma
Zukanovic Roma
Alvarez Sampdoria
Dodò Sampdoria
Ranocchia Sampdoria
Quagliarella Sampdoria
Trotta Sassuolo
Pellegrini Sassuolo **
Immobile Torino
Kuzmanovic Udinese
Halfreddson Udinese
Perica Udinese **

*new manager
**just in roster, but originally without a sticker


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I think too much time to find different names, Andrea :p

maybe Matos with Udinese, for example

anyway I would like to have for next year also a page about Serie B updates... shall be great!


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Update package out in these days!
agg 1.jpg


120 mini-stickers with other players for each Serie A club (not same amount for every team, Inter has only 1 more, Carpi around 10!)
agg 3.jpg

50 stickers standard size with top transfer during winter market, to complete the two extra pages in the album
agg 5.jpg
agg 6.jpg

2 extra stickers, no place in the album (it's like extra stickers for Brasil 2014 update)
agg 2.jpg

many stickers "TRASFERITO"/"SOSTITUITO" to put on players/traniers stickers that left the club
agg 4.jpg


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I have just bought this collection complete direct from Panini, which also included the Calciatori update packs. With this being the first Panini Calciatori collection that I have acquired, I have to say that it is a fantastic album.

There is so much information about the teams, players, squads, and the update stickers are something new that is a really great idea. Being that Topps own the English Premier League franchise, I think that they could learn a lot from Panini is this area. The Panini Calciatori album reminds me of their Panini Football albums from the early 80's. I would love Panini to get the franchise back.


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and finally tomorrow (saturday 18 june) we complete the album CALCIATORI 2015/16! last packet "Film del Campionato" with last 6 stickers, job is done!

packet included in the magazine Sport Week, weekly magazine of Gazzetta dello Sport


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