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Is it possible to order 'calciatori' in the UK? Maybe i should ask panini italia? Looks a fun sticker album
Yes you can write to Panini at Modena or wait some good proposal on ebay. I hope in 20 days I have chance to make the review for the forum


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CALCIATORI 2015/2016 official release date: SATURDAY 12th DECEMBER! Amazing.. considering is my birthday!! :p and same day, as double gift, on Fox Tv the return of MUPPET SHOW... What a wonderful day :rolleyes:

Hye,enjoy your eyes here some picture off Calciatori 2015-2016 ,album,stickers and cards
Album need 893 figurine in this way 867 stickers(normal number) + 6V (starting competion)and 20X mascottes then 4 free bags usually with newspaper..
January(corsa inverno) V7-V12 gennaio,
March(calcio primavera) V13-V18 marzo
April(sprint scudetto) V19-V24
June(i verdetti finali) V25-V30

upgrade stickers cost euro 7,90 as normal way(not like last year) at Panini or normal newspaper shop(Edicola)
cards comes like last year in 100 packets box and only 5 cards(each cards have 11 old albums picture,so 55 albums years...)
Official day it will be 12-12-2015 but already in some italian city is out(here in Brescia not yet...sigh...)

happy collection....



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so at the end Panini didn't change some parts as some rumours I heard in past .. and also cards are not like I supposed (to be honest I don't like so much...) ... but album seems great anyway. And again we have stickers about team.. how many stickers per team in Serie A?

in Bologna is not arrived yet (today is also holiday in Italy even I am at work :confused:) ... I will try to do a good review as last year ;)

the cover is a tribute to Calciatori 1990/91 ;)
I don't have album i upload 2 pics where is all Napoli team..maybe tomorrow here in Brescia it comes...
i just check Napoli it start with number 381(logo) 3 shirts and 2 for team second page 389 - 409..if i count well 27 stickers each Serie A team..


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so .. 27 stickers per team including 1 logo, 3 shirts, 2 teams, 1 coach, 20 players. With the new rule of 25 players maximum per team in serie A, there was rumours to have all squad in the album .. but is anyway a big number! :)
watch the pics..under the logo there are 3 place...
serie V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V6 you find in packets....have a look at figurine1.jpg


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ok guys, review is on work.. what I can already write is about different packets, this year I suppose we could have at least 8 differents!

here you find pic of 2 you can find in the newspaper shops, so

1 standard argent to sell
1 blue "for free"
and then..
1 standard packet for box sold only in the comics shops
1 free packet inside box sold only in the comics shops (but maybe is same blue like we have already)
1 packet given for free with some biscuits or similars (we had Ringo during last years..)
4 instead of 2 packets for "film del campionato" stickers

bustine versione edicola.jpg
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my flash review (all IMHO):

-logos (we'll glue them in giant kits-team's presentation)
-3d kits
-coach stats
-coach in Serie B too
-back to "2 players for sticker" in Serie B after many years!
-more "film del campionato" (a collection always up to date!)

-Too many sections without stickers (stadiums, primavera, women, cups)
-the section "rafFIGUra la tua squadra" with 20 stickers that could be better re-allocated
-little section for January Updates (only 50 slots for all 20 teams!)
-no slot for updates in Serie B
-no player/coach stat in Serie B!
-fonts!!! Lucida Handwrigting? really?
-stickers smaller than last year, when after FIFA365 or Copa America i'm expect giant stickers in Calciatori too!


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I am so jealous obout this collection ! wish we would have something like this in germany instead of that topps rubbish.


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There's nothing like Calciatori, I'm not kidding when I say that is part of our popular culture ;)

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