Calciatori Panini Album 2006/2007


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Hello all!

This is my first ever thread and I'd like to share an album I've just completed... well almost as the updates are about to go in! More of that later!


I've been carefully filling in the Italian Calciatori Album from 2006/07. It's the first one I have started outside of the international tournaments and my own domestic leagues in the UK and I love it!

It's as close to a work of art that Panini can possibly create.

Some album facts:

146 pages
840 full stickers
92 mini stickers (quarter size)

Some thoughts from me:


- huge album documenting all Serie A and B teams plus team shots/badges for lower leagues and ladies football.
- update spaces for Serie A and B
- legendary players like Ibrahimovic and Cambiasso
- excellent paper and sticker quality
- great record of players careers/club achievements

Negatives (hardly any):

- some mini stickers smaller than the box (Maybe I'm partly to blame)
- foil stickers not as shiny or luxurious as other comps
- no stadium shots

Some photos:

Photo #1: front cover
Photo #2: Atalanta (Serie A)
Photo #3: Cambiasso - Inter (Serie A)
Photo #4: Lecce (Serie B)
Photo #5: team badges (Serie C2)
Photo #6: updates (soon to be stuck in)

Final thoughts...
This has taken me three months of careful sticking and every moment spent on it has been worth it!

If you live outside of Italy and have never seen a Calciatori album (like me until now) then my recommendation is to find at least one and enjoy Panini at its best.



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Thanks Rob. Nice post. Really ! What about making a complete review ? If you feel so, contact @dantzig. I'm sure a lot of us will appreciate.


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Calciatori 2006/07 is a kind of unique album in history, for first time ever (and I suppose will never happen again) we have same size of players stickers from Serie A and Serie B. Why? easy, that year we had in Serie B important teams like Juventus, Napoli, Genoa, Bologna etc .... my opinion? (and I know many collectors agree with me) .. not a good idea and no sense at all. Anyway for this reason we have also update for Serie B

another interesting thing about this edition. Wrong stickers! These 2 players of Vicenza (Serie B) have wrong names! Pesoli is one on the right and Rigoni is one on left. Then Panini printed correct stickers, honestly I don't remember which ones are more rare :)

errore giocatori vicenza.JPG


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there is another interesting "story" about this album ... so so so many collectors were disappointed about cover, we thought Panini was going to pay homage to Italia national team champion of the world

so a cover similar with one made for 1982/1983, of course Marcello Lippi instead of Enzo Bearzot etc ...

Panini has missed a great opportunity!

(this is cover of Calciatori 1982/83)

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