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Make sure to read these rules carefully:
  • We are not responsible for deals that members agreed. By agreeing to make a trade with another member, you agreed to respect forum rules.
  • You are buying/selling at your own risk.
  • If we have evidence of any violation of these rules, the user(s) will be banned and if necessary, reported to the authorities.
Here are some best practices when buying/selling:

When buying:
  • Before purchasing:
    • Get to know better the seller.
    • Make sure to ask for photos and a condition description of the item(s) you are buying, if not provided beforehand.
    • Only agree to pay when you're 100% confident. If something is not clarified between both of you, set things straight immediately.
    • Use a payment option that can protect you in any case. We strongly recommend Paypal.
    • Never send money as a gift/donation in Paypal. Always use "Pay for goods or services" option, only then you're covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. And there's no fee for you.
    • Be very careful with possible extra fees after, like customs. Depending on the country, you may have to pay a customs fee and the more the item(s) cost, the more you pay. Don't ask the seller to send as a gift, unless you want to receive fines from customs services because they have means to know. Small items also have better chance to get by without any customs fee. In any case, get to know well how your country deals with these situations.
  • During transportation:
    • Make sure the seller sends the item(s) with tracking. It's more expensive, it may even be slower (unless it's express/next-day delivery), but it's the only safe method;
    • After seller sends the package/letter, ask for the tracking number and the carrier if he hasn't provided. This way, you can check yourself where the parcel is;
    • When you receive the goods, first make sure if the package/letter is sealed and in good conditions. If not, don't accept it. If you still do, you're taking unnecessary risks.
  • After receiving the items:
    • Make sure you received everything and if it's all ok. If something is not, check first if it was the transportation or seller's fault (or both).
      • If transportation was at fault, file a complaint in your nearby station;
      • If the seller was at fault, politely complain and explain detailed what's wrong;
    • Don't forget to leave feedback!

When selling :
  • When submitting an item(s) for sale you are required to describe it accurately, provide photos and precisely describe any faults.
  • Be polite to every buyer, even if you think some question is dumb. Not everyone has the same knowledge you have of the item(s).
  • Try to answer ASAP, don't make buyers wait too long.
  • For both buyer and seller protection, use Paypal. You care about your buyer, right? So make him feel protected and not use some shady payment option that will not allow him to complain if anything goes wrong. If you do, you'll get banned without thinking twice.
  • Protect properly the item(s) you'll be sending. Don't forget that, after the payment, you're sending something that's already buyer's property. If handling the item(s) gives you some work, you may want to include that work in the total cost.
  • Send everything by registered shipping/tracked postage and provide the buyer with the tracking number and the tracking page of the carrier.
  • You can agree with your buyer to send by standard shipping (eg: a couple of low-value cards), but keep in mind that, in case buyer claims it didn't receive, you have to refund him (or send another item). No exceptions.
  • You have to accept returns;
  • Buyer pays for the return shipping, unless it's proven you were at fault (such as sending a defective item or not using the appropriate protection for the item).
  • Don't forget to leave feedback!
Please follow these rules for a smooth transaction.
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