Bundesliga Panini mystery


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Hope this is right place for this topic. Today I searched for Michael Ballack and noticed this. He played for 4 season in Bayern and there are only two stickers of him in his first and last season with Bayern. But in other two albums where there are no his stickers they mention him in album as a part of national team.
Same think with Sergej Barbarez. He played for HSV for 6 seasons and no any sticker of him. Maybe there is more this for some other players.
Any opinions? Reason why they did that?



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that´s the only possible reason.
I know that the where often problems with marketing and distribution rights with some players.
But I´m not sure about what Ballack´s problem was.


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There were problems of rights in the 2000s years for the Bundesliga; it was even written in the introduction of albums. Problems with players, or with a complete team, like Dortmund in 2004. For single players the worst was 2005.
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No jerseys (only white jerseys), only a few players, and not the use of the name of Borussia Dortmund or the emblem of it. It was only "the club in Dortmund" and on the cover and the sealed pack you just see a ball in black and yellow instead of the BVB emblem.


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Matter of imagine rights I think, also Kahn there isn't in (at least) one album ;)
That was a problem, because for the 2005 album the captain of each team was a shinny sticker. Kahn was of course the captain of Bayern but the GK in the album was Rensing. The result is that for Bayern the shinny sticker was Makaay with the mention "Torjäger" (top scorer) instead of the the "Kaptän" in the album

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