Bundesliga Match Attax 21/22


Never bothered with Match Attax before but I was so impressed with their Champions/Europa League release this year that I hoped over the border and collected the new Bundesliga version for the 21/22 season which is also great. Anyone else?

Got my stuff from Stickerpoint here but it's also available on the Topps site here.

I've nearly completed it save for about 20 cards but it's not up on Last Sticker yet so can't swap with anyone unless you know any differently?


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Topps Germany always innovative and ahead of their counterparts of the UK division when it comes to new ideas and designs. This year is no different. So much fun. Been doing it for about 7 seasons now.

I am only short of 9 cards myself. Got tons of doubles, pm me maybe we can help each other out.


Anybody else receive two Xmas 16 cards in the advent calendar today and no Xmas 15…:-(

fair play to Topps….received the missing card in the post within 2-3 days of reporting the issue!! Well done Topps…
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