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FC Swiss
Hello guys,

This week I was organizing some pictures folders on my notebook and found some pictures of my collection of sticker albums that were taken last year.

At that time, I had about 70 albums. Most of them complete, others very old. I have much affection for this collection and I am pleased to share with you.

I hope you like it.


10272741_10203516865752658_8274967028081748019_o.jpg 979909_10203516870592779_1898022634215291968_o.jpg 1399327_10203516868592729_1643325074633747821_o.jpg 1780998_10203516869752758_4810509012445335167_o.jpg 1979235_10203516870112767_3344462177066083916_o.jpg 10005818_10203516867712707_6809796188281301762_o.jpg 10014925_10203516869352748_8495789777460586804_o.jpg 10265617_10203516868992739_5850381491011432599_o.jpg 10273100_10203516867232695_8442471007547302584_o.jpg 10285769_10203516867072691_6346354956407631686_o.jpg 10295528_10203516870752783_5766132239063132270_o.jpg


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Very nice, it's already a good set with many foreign albums... I see a portuguese album there, Futebol 2012/13 :)

Sergio Z

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Beautiful collection, @Teo Lahmeyer, parabéns! I really like the style of Campeonato Brasileiro's albums, specially in recent years. If I get to visit Brazil sometime, I'd like to get one and complete it :)

There's a Navarrete Copa América 2007 album, I think. Is that a Brazilian version of something like that? It's kinda similar to the one we had here, but ours features players from different teams instead of the mascot alone.
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