Black Friday 2019


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So we're approaching another Black Friday where retailers apply HUGE discounts (after they increased prices in previous days :p)

Anyway, just wanted to know what deals are worth in your country, online, etc (it can be related to our hobby or not, that's why it's in the Offtopic section).

I share the amazing, incredible, fantastic deal from Panini Portugal:

Basically, their BF will be a live customer service for 2 and half hours ;)



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Topps Direct Match Attax PL 2019 offering...
Advent Calendar for £14.99 (RRP £20, £10 after xmas)

Advent Calendar and Pro Collector Binder (RRP £30... Pro Collector Binder recycled from previous 2 years in new box for this season)

Topps Direct Star Wars Authentic Listings under Black Friday with no discounts... (don't quite think they get the concept :D)
Those Pro Collector Binders are rubbish, no wonder they're always among the worst sold products and need to put them every year.

As for the Black Friday concept, 99.999% of the stores/sellers don't get it at all. It's not supposed to be another sales day with a low discount, it's supposed to be a wholesale clearance with massive discounts, after Thanksgiving Day. If the store is not willing to sell like that, then don't call it Black Friday, but no, let's grab a trend from the US and adapt to seller convenience.

And don't forget the price increase days before, which make many "discounts" not real... As we say here, dumbass people like to pay half the double.


For anyone living in France, Panini is making 30% discount for all orders above 50€ (excluding missing stickers/cards orders and complete sets), still a Black Friday promo... I tried with some products, but system says it's not valid... Maybe they forgot to remove the message :p
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