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The 2nd Series overall of Match Attax and 1st Premier League Collection of Match Attax...

The Topps Match Attax 2007/2008 collection consisted of:

21 cards per team including 1 star player card and 3 man of the match cards.
The Limited Edition cards are as follows:
Robbie Keane (Spurs) - Starter Pack
Fernando Torres (Liverpool) - Collectors Guide
Florent Malouda (Chelsea) - ‘Shoot’ Magazine
Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal) - ‘Match’ Magazine
Carlos Tevez (Man Utd) - Given away at Asda with News of The World Newspaper voucher.
Mark Viduka (Newcastle) - Found in Lucky packets from Martins/McColls newsagents.
Stiliyan Petrov (Aston Villa) - Limited Edition Collectors Tin
Roque Santa Cruz (Blackburn) - Limited Edition Collectors Tin
Tim Cahill (Everton) - Limited Edition Collectors Tin
Geovanni (Man City) - Limited Edition Collectors Tin
Sulley Muntari (Portsmouth) - Limited Edition Collectors Tin
Mark Noble (West Ham) - Limited Edition Collectors Tin

Collector Binder

The Collector Binder was sold in the Match Attax Starter Pack shown below:
First Issue Starter Pack

This was the original Starter Pack which was sold when the collection was first issued. It still has the 31 Player Mega Pack unopened and attached. Included in each of these Player Mega Pack was a Robbie Keane (Tottenham) Limited Edition Card.

Robbie Keane (Tottenham) Limited Edition Card found in 1st Issue Starter Pack.

An unopened 31 Player Mega Pack containing the Robbie Keane Limited Edition card shown above.

Second Issue Starter Pack
This was the Second Issue Starter Pack which was issued after the collection had started as Topps sold out of the first issue. This second issue just contained standard packets in it. It is still unopened.

Retail Sales Box issued to retailers

Retail Sales Leaflet
Given to retailers to promote the collection. Was issued in unopened Retail boxes of the collection.

Match Attax Collector Guide
There were 3 different types of Collectors Guides as they had different picture types on the unopened packets attached to the front cover. Each Pack on the Collectors Guide contained a Fernando Torres (Liverpool) Limited Edition card.

Fernando Torres Limited Edition Card found in the Collectors Guides.

The Different Packet styles for the collection were as follows:
The 31 Player Mega Pack only available in the 1st Issue Starter Pack.

The regular three different picture types of packet available found in retail boxes.

The three different picture types of pack where the pack ‘INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE FOIL PLAYER’ - found in newspaper and magazine promotions which gave away limited edition cards.

An unopened Match Magazine which contained the Tomas Rosicky Limited Edition card in it’s packet.

Tomas Rosicky Limited Edition card ONLY found in Match magazine.

An unopened Shoot Magazine which contained the Florent Malouda Limited Edition card in it’s packet.

Florent Malouda Limited Edition card ONLY found in Shoot Magazine.

Match Attax Promotion with News Of The World newspaper - Playing Pitch & Unopened Pack
There were 3 different types of Promotion Playing Pitch & Packs with the News Of The World as the unopened packs had different picture types on each one. Each pack on the promotion contained a Carlos Tevez (Man Utd) Limited Edition card. A voucher was taken from the News Of The World newspaper and these playing pitch & unopened pack collected at Asda.

Carlos Tevez Limited Edition Card ONLY obtainable with the News Of The World newspaper.

The 2 different types of Playing Pitch
There were 2 different types of playing pitches for the collection. There was a soft A4 sheet version which is shown on the left (available with newspaper and magazine promotions) and a hardback cardboard version shown on the right (available in the Starter Pack).

The Collectors Tin
The Collectors Tin contained the ‘How To Play’ mini booklet pictured below along with 55 match attax cards including one of six of the following Limited Edition Cards:
Tim Cahill (Everton) Geovanni (Man City) Sulley Muntari (Portsmouth)
Stiliyan Petrov (Aston Villa) Roque Santa Cruz (Blackburn) Mark Noble (West Ham)
The Six different Limited Edition cards which were found in the Collectors Tins.

The ‘How To Play’ booklet found in Collectors Tins.

The Mark Viduka Limited Edition card
The Mark Viduka Limited Edition card was only found in lucky packets which were sold exclusively in Martins/McColls Newsagents around the country.


The card originally issued by Topps showed a picture of Lucas Levia on - another Liverpool squad player who did not have a card issued for him until the Match Attax Extra collection. See the various different versions in the pictures below:
The original withdrawn Andriy Voronin card released with the incorrect picture on, actually shows Lucas Levia.

The replacement card with the correct Andriy Voronin picture on issued after the error was realised into packets.

The Lucas Levia card which was issued for the subsequent Match Attax Extra 2007/2008 collection.

The Topps Match Attax Trading Card Game Collectors Bag - only available direct from Topps at a price of £4.99. Used to keep entire collection in. Issued at the end of the collection and advertised at the start of the Match Attax Extra collection (leaflet in the Starter Pack).​
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Holly smack @Andy! Fantastic and such an in-depth guide! Thanks for sharing it.
I had no idea that so many different variations exist.
It is obvious that you take good care of your collection looking at all the packs being in zip-bags. I do not have Match Attax 2007/8 but I still have 2007/8 Shoot-Out I believe.


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Not totally complete - will update when i get more time to take photos - missed tournament cards etc for the year.

yes everything in grip seals - but currently all sits in a large cardboard box which is not ideal!!


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thanks Agustin. By the way bit off topic but making progress on stuff I can get, will message you end of week and we can discuss options etc. In the meantime have a look at Topps Premier Club info on main Page of this website (Pavle's post) and see if you are interested in that. I can definately get them on release, also i have 1 mini box of Premier Gold left if you want it, I dont know if you know the horrific price per pack of them though!! Anyway discuss more detail end of week??

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