Be aware , on ebay strange badges appear

i write before about this on forum , but now i do not have doubt anymore , what happend

1. i buy budges from France seller on ebay , he sell lot's of auctions with usa 94 badges (always same numbers) also little chepaer then rest of sellers, when i get his badges
stickers have "red shine" , they are not clear silver colour like they are supose to be , i have badges with black back and red back, blue back all are clear silver colour, this from France seller have strange "red shine" and when you have them in you hands you can see that red shine and paper not same, similiar yes but not same as clear silver badges (original) also back side on "red shine" badges is tooo perfect on original badges usually have light black on this with "red shine" is dark black colour and perfect print

2. I ask seller about that red shine he told me that he do not see that, i send him feedback and speak with my friend about those badges me and he (and he is usa 94 big seller on ebay) made conlusion that something is not normal with that "red shine" badges, i ask seller again where he buy them he told me he buy them in Italy panini and that he have invoice, he have more auctions and I ask him that i wish to bid on more auctions but i don't wish to get "red shine" badges and ask him did badges in new auctions have "red shine" he block me from auction, i was angry that someone block me only because i ask about condition so i open case, and i lose on paypal case bacuse paypal think that seller is describe auction very good .

3. OK I lose and keep going with collecting, I deside to buy from another seller as i do not like these with "red shine" so i go on ebay find 2 sellers from Italy, one was Massimo i work with him before and guy is nice seller i buy from him one badge and one badge (ireland badge) from another seller from Italy, yesterday i get badge , Massimo seller badge is nice clear silver and guse what ? from another sller from Italy i got SAME SAME badge as on France seller "red shine" on badge, same paper, perfect dark black back side

4. after this i concluse that France seller maybe do not lie , how can Italy and France seller have same "red shine" stickers , because they probably buy them from same place , panini modena italy, Italy seller live there and France seller is close probably goes to Italy in some point of time and buy them there and resell on ebay...

5. my conlusion is that Panini reprint these usa 94 badges and some collectors who do not have eyes or don't know how original looks don't see that

6. be free to comment , be aware that usa 94 badges with "red shine" is out there, check you collections

7. on pictures down on first pictures are 3 badges clear silver original look, on secon picture is ireland badge with "red shine" nd 3rd picture on left is perfect dark black print (not normal for 1994) and on right light black back like you have on most usa 94 sickers

France red shine seller