Bad experience with Mexico


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I don't like this and I have waited for months but now I think is time to write on forum, so maybe someone can be saved instead of me!

this person is/was also on ebay with this item

we have done transaction by paypal out from ebay because I have bought also the Mexican sheet of CA2016

I sent money 1st august 2016 ... package received 26 september (don't know when he sent but anyway usually we need 30/45 days from Center America to Italy) ... the Italia90 set was not complete (2 stickers are missing). I wrote him immediately and he answered one week late (3rd october) "ok, I'll send to you, sorry!"

then nothing ... I wrote him on 5th december, 2 months late and no answer until today (and I never received info about tracking number of second sending)

if you consider everything started more than 120 days ago I think is more than enough! or am I wrong??


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You were too kind Emiliano, you have to keep an eye on those sellers, even if you seem to forceful.

If I remember correctly, Paypal allows you to complain in the next 180 days, so you can always try that... It's not about receiving the money back, but the open case will surely startle the seller and make him send what's missing... Keep asking and replying, because cases can be closed if there's too much inactivity.

Fortunately it was outside eBay, because they only allow complaints until 60 days and I believe Paypal doesn't meddle in eBay issues, their only role is to refund the buyer.

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