Any safe way to remove a sticker


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Hello, after 2 years, thanks to this forum , I 've realized that I have to Eder Balanta wrong in my collection . I'll buy the real on ebay .
I need to know if anyone has advice on how to take off the sticker without damaging the album , it is a hardcover .


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Also watch this :


You will get your Confed album - for me this product does make more sense than Road to ...without badges again probably..a shame..

It was published in "just kick it" magazine which is a product owned by why should they publish fake news
I am not panicking :D just thinking out loud. Totally agree with you, though I'd like to collect both

I wouldn't worry, there's other people claiming this album will be released in Portugal and Russia too... It's just that RTWC brings more attention.
Good then:) lets wait for further details.
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