angry on ebay


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I just had the pleasure of receiving these insulting messages from this eBayer (eada_us_5bcsjw3ji):

"What's Wong whit you???
U should be out this business.

"Pusy queen...
Mommies girl.
Stay away from here..
This is for men"

Backstory: Was selling some extra stickers on eBay. This guy sends me a message trying to negotiate lower prices. I politely refuse. He continues to send me offers and increasingly delusional messages. I reject his offers and I block him from purchases. Then he sends me these two messages. What a sad person.


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It is pretty funny in a WTF kinda way.

I'm just scratching my head as to what exactly set him off. I'm assuming he'd given up trying to haggle the price and was going to settle to pay the full amount. He goes to click Buy It Now, only to find out he's blocked. Rage takes over... lol

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