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I have one album from 2011, back cover there are flags of Uruguay and Mexico. I've seen picture about this new album 2016, seems printed in Perù. If someone has more infos

and, in general, any info about other albums of Copa Libertadores in the past ?!? :)

It is indeed interesting to clarify about collections of Copa Libertadores.
There is a sticker collection from 2011, a card collection from 2012 and 2013 and again a sticker collection from 2014. From my information, there is no collection from 2015.
And now it seems something is out this year. These are all unofficial collections.

I hope someone can add more information about these albums...






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very nice albums ! I have never seem them, just know the mix album of championsleague and libertadores, very strange collection.


I tought about buying this 2012/2013 but never did

Sergio Z

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I have seen that picture on Facebook in recent days, but I'm not sure if there's officially a Libertadores album. I won't believe it until I see it.

Said this, I can add it would be such a great thing to have a Copa Libertadores official sticker album, just like the Champions League collection.


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So, not collecting cards, I miss only Libertardores 2014. The one mixed CL/LIB 2012 if I remember is from Argentina, I haven't too.. :(
Does anyone have any information about the 2012 trading card collection? There are some USMNT players that I would want. Also, if anyone has those cards or 2013 cards for sale/trade, please let me know.

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