Africa Panini

Does anyone collect this Africa 96 collection? Its rather an odd collection since back then Panini was not even doing Copa America

Then they did Africa Nations Cup 2008 and 2010...but then they stop, does anyone know why?


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Yes I collect CAN 96 very hard to get stuff, I have 2 Albums but unfortunately not a complete one.
Stickers are very rare and have insane high prices if you find them.
They might stop du to there is no market for stickers in most african countrys except the North countrys, but I do not really know, just my guessing.
I also have the album but I dont have a single sticker, because the only thing I could find was 1 busta for 15 euros...thats crazy...

Does someone else have any insiders on these african albums?


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Here are som photos of my album.
I really like having teams like Zambia, you´ll never have any stickers from except in this collection.
WP_20160418_001.jpg WP_20160418_002.jpg WP_20160418_003.jpg WP_20160418_004.jpg WP_20160418_005.jpg WP_20160418_006.jpg WP_20160418_007.jpg WP_20160418_008.jpg WP_20160418_009.jpg
yes i have africa 96 but not complete
for Africa cup i think panini didn't make because they are not very good selling in last one 2010
hope in future panini buy licensed from CAF and make it :)
I am also looking for the Africa 1996 full album, I have only got the empty one and looking through the internet for the full album for sale. Also there is the African all stars album.

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