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Encoureged by Carlos's nice comment about my writing on Süpergol card series, I wanted to follow up on the subject of including smaller teams in card series. Carlos's comment is mainly pointing out this point. The card series in Portugal must be quite nice with at least some cards from other teams, not just the richest teams.

I wanted to add a few words about the team of Göztepe that i talked about at the end of the text, from the city of İzmir. Even though lately they had been far from their past glory it seems they are coming back strong. This year they finished on the top of the 3. league and promoted to the 2. league. They will probably be a strong contender to be promoted to the 1. ( or "super!" ) league next year.

Here are some images of their players and the team from a gum card series of 1967, from the times of respect for all teams. The following year in 1968, they would make history to become the first Turkish team to play a semi-final in a european cup.

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Glad I encouraged you, because it's a nice story about that Goztepe team... Those cards look badass, players already had some natural style to pose hehe... Really nice, makes me want them to get back to those old days... Thanks a lot for sharing :)

But yes, I was a bit surprised when I read the collection only had those 3 teams... It wouldn't hurt printing some more cards and be a bit more complete, would it? In this case, it made more sense to do 3 different collections... If I was, for example, a Besiktas fan, why would I care getting the cards from the other two teams? If it was the turkish league itself, fine... Really hope Panini there reconsiders next season, it doesn't make sense staying halfway (neither a league or club collection).

Ah, in Portugal, we had Mega Craques and now Adrenalyn in past season... Until 2012, MC had team logos, then 9 players per position (about 12 positions), then some special category (like rookies or national team)... Of course, in each position, there were always players from the 3 big teams, but featured some from the others.
2013 & 2014 had 18 cards from major teams, then 6 cards for the others... The downside was not having any special cards and being a bit short, but it was cheaper than Adrenalyn (60c vs 1€ per packet), cards had tremendous quality, very sturdy and with info in the back (Adrenalyn only has that lousy code to play online) and it was so much better to complete, without those mega rare cards that come out only in 40 or 50 packets.

This year, with Adrenalyn series again introduced (2010/11 they introduced too, but got back to MC in 2011/12), all teams had 18 cards (all players, no logo/team) + special categories with foil and textured cards + 9 LE (so Super Gol has even more LE)... It tripled the work to finish and quadrupled the costs :(


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I agree it makes a lot of sense producing either club cards or full league cards. [ Why would you force a person to touch or see any Galatasaray cards? ..:)) ]

Last year and this year there was some kind of club specific Fenerbahçe cards. These were sold only in the official Fenerbahçe store and online by the licensed producer. Very good quality, with signatures and a very luxury album to place them in. Last year the set included the technical director and more info in the back, like goals scored, red and yellow cards during the season etc. I dont have images of last year but here is an image of this year's cards which included 22 players only.

fbkart.jpg fbkart1.jpg

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