Adrenalyn XL England 2016 TCG


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I really hope we get some classic players like Hurst, Banks, Moore, Keegan, Charlton and more.

This collection will look really silly if they gave 5 different cards from some of the current players.
No retro I'm afraid. All cards of Kyle Walker in the third kit if playing on a Thursday on an odd day of the week on an even calendar date of a month ending in 'Y'. On the plus side it's only 126 cards plus at least 4 LEs (Hart, Vardy, Sterling, Alli) although judging by Panini's performance this year there will be more LEs than squad players. I filmed a starter pack opening.


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very easy to complete, you only need 1 booster box and a few extra packs if your lucky... from my booster box opening i needed 1 card for 1 set and another 20-30 odd for a second set. Cards are nice but all are of current squad as Lee says above.
completed collection is on the channel for anybody who wants to see it.

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