Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016


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Hi. Today I will show you some photos and information from the new collection of PANINI Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016!
It's a collection of 315 trading cards, including Team Mates, Team Logos, Goal Machines, Key Players, etc.
Here I upload some photos with details :) If someone have other photos of information please add
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And finally, some photos of the trading cards! :D:D

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Ok, I had a chance to open the box of this product. It is as Adrenalyn as it gets with all pros and cons except that there is a couple of history cards. I liked some inserts like Experts and Key players, others like Double Trouble are boring. Apparently there are not going to be any limited edition cards, so it is a relatively easy to complete set. There are also no starting packs: just the binder and the packs. the recommended prices are 69 pesos (around 3.5 US dollars) for the binder and 20 pesos (around 1 US dollar) for a pack with 6 cards with 1-2 inserts.

You can see the video review here:


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The Double Trouble and Champion Cards are my favourites in the set... really nicely designed cards in my opinion and well worth the investment. Got Messi/Aguero DT and Messi champion in my display box so was chuffed!! A glorious decision to not include Limited Editions in a collection by Panini, nearly as good news as #brexit !!! Hope the Limited Editions fizzle out in future collections of other tournaments.


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Ok, I finally managed to complete this set. The absence of the limited edition cards was a large plus, haha! It is a bit strange that you need 2 binders for this set.

You can see the set here:


Hi, from anyone has these for trade, I'd be interested:
208. Clint Dempsey-Goal Machine
251. Jermaine Jones-Defensive Rock
296. Tim Howard-Expert
Thanks, Henry


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Hi @HenryM1884 , you have a Trade/Swap section in this forum (as well as a "For Sale" and "Buying" ones) dedicated to... well... trade and swap :cool:
Thanks to use it for this kind of message and avoid to post in the main forum dedicated to discussion and informations.

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