Adrenalyn XL Copa America 2015 Trading Cards


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One of our members on Twitter, just sent me this photo showing Adrenaly XL trading card collection dedicated to Copa America Chile 2015.

Not much info, besides its coming soon, most probably in April. More info soon.
CA35BYkU0AE-9qO.jpg large.jpg


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Adrenalyn Copa America will be available from early May in
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Mexico
  • Puertorico
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela,
Confirmed by Panini.

It will be interesting to see how hardcore Adrenalyn collectors will manage to get a hold of this. I predict this one might be a bit pricey, hence more valuable in future. So if you are investment type of collector, there you have it.


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Here is another image that confirms this collection. Finally here we can see the design of the cards and packs. This will be the first official Copa America trading card collection if I am not wrong?
CCYBCMvW8AAqTx6.jpg large.jpg


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Cards have a nice display, looking forward to see badges, specials and such... Pavle, you still don't know how many cards the collection will have, right?

Also, any info about LEs? If there are, hopefully it'll not be with gazillions only in some countries.


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Here are few Limited Edition cards that one member sent to me on the blog.
cards-copa-america-2015-adrenalyn-sanchez-limited-edition-797201-MLB20288741550_042015-F.jpg cards-copa-america-2015-adrenalyn-cavani-limited-edition-232201-MLB20288740195_042015-F.jpg cards-copa-america-2015-adrenalyn-messi-limited-edition-749201-MLB20288858870_042015-F.jpg cards-copa-america-2015-adrenalyn-neymar-limited-edition-503301-MLB20288738457_042015-O.jpg cards-copa-america-2015-adrenalyn-vidal-limited-edition-303201-MLB20288741642_042015-F.jpg
For now the list of LE is as following :
  • Sanchez
  • Cavani
  • Messi
  • Neymar
  • Vidal
I think that I might write an article on this soon on blog.
It's totally possible - but still...
If someone sent them to him from another country => Brazilian post is slow
If he was in another country and brought them back, then OK...

Panini messed up BIG with the Brasileiro Adrenalyn cards... releasing the collection at the last matchup of the league.
Don't know what to expect from them now...
Never see any cards here either (Fpolis/SC), but many stores had the cards for the World cup.
Planning to buy two boxes from Copag store and try to finish the collection I don't know how.