2019: The most expensive Panini items for sale on Ebay currently


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7. Panini México 86

6. Panini Argentina 78

5. Panini Espana 82

4. Panini Munchen 74

3. Panini Mexico 86

2. Panini España 82

1. Panini Argentina 78

As @LeicesterRob told me in a recent publication: About the Big shops of "I'm not sure of the prices, it will always remain like this, it needs to be willing to spend high values. Today's new generations do not have the same interest in stickers so in my mind this bubble will burst eventually when people are not interested anymore".

What do you think will be the limit speculating with the prices ?
That is, when the seller has an almost unique article, but at the same time he has been trying to sell it for a long time, (even in the World Cup season

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