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Hi guys!

Just a question; what was your 1st stickers album?

As for me, there was a "warm up": when I was 4, my mother found stickers as a gift in a TV magazine (from the Disney Movie "The Black Cauldron"), but she didn't know (and of course me too) that the stickers were for an album; so they finished stuck on my bed^^ After my parents found an empty album "Care Bears" and gave it to me; but I didn't know what I had to do with this curious empty book!
Finally, at school, I was almost 5, my friends were playing with stickers and explained me the concept of the albums. I was jealous, and found finally a sticker on the ground: the number 117 of the collection of MY hero, Cobra!
The day after, my parents finally bought a sealed pack "Cobra": I remember there was inside the shinny number I "Galtan". I kept the stickers during all the day with me, in my hands. There was no more empty album in the bookshop, because "Cobra" was already a little old.
Finally, my father looked for in every bookshop of the city (really) to buy the album, and it was the beginning of an long story between me and Panini stickers!
Here is my complete album of "Cobra". This is not MY first, because when I was screaming for some bullshit my father tore it to punish me (he bought it a second, and even a third time the day after, with each time more than 30 sealed packs to complete it quickly, he felt him so guilty^^). The album of 1985 (so the third one!) finally lost his cover and some pages during the 90s. But I found a new one 10 years ago and it was special to stick everything inside (of course instead of my mother this time^^). Moreoever, I found a second empty album + complete set to keep them. As you can see, I still like "Cobra".

If you don't know "Cobra" (Japanese manga, very famous in France)
And the new version 2010



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My very first sticker album was Ghost Busters from 1984
s-l1600 (1).jpg
I remember at this time, the kids in our neighberhood had everything of it, the toys, the series, the film, even clothings and all day long we ran through the city with sticks in our hands hunting ghosts.
By the way i was all the time "winston" to me, the coolest one of those 4.
My parents did not have much money so on every sunday I used to get one packet, you can imagine what that meant to me.
I opened it in my room and every sticker was like gold, no matter what it was, I sticked in all I missed and went to my friends house afterwords, to swap.
I never finished that album, and lost it later when I felt to grown up to keep it any longer with arround 15 or 16 years. Maybe I should buy one again...


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I've got lots of doubles Ghostbusters^^ For my birthday (I think I was 7) I received around 40 sealed packs! Finally I finished the album, but I lost it during the 90s. But I kept the doubles in some box and I still have them, even they are "forgotten"!


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My first albums was "Bernard et Bianca" or "L'île aux enfants". I cant" remember which one because both are from 1977 and I used to own them.
Everybody must now the Disney movie "Bernard and Bianca", but only the french people now "L'île aux enfants" (The children Island), a tv show for children that was broadcasted after school on the evening on the 70's. The star was a dinosaur called Casimir that was very kind but a bit idiot.
Like @Danju, my parents weren't very rich so I only could have a packet every week, usually on the saturday. At this time, the bookshop were just down the building I was living so I could go alone to the shop to buy the packet. It was like going to the paradise... Every sticker of each packet were so precious and I still can remember the smell of them once the packet opened...



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For me there were 3 packs each week: Tuesday (the bookshop was closed on Monday), when my parents bought the TV magazine: one more Saturday, and one more Sunday. For my birthday and for Christmas, between 30 and 50 sealed packs (I was like a king^^). And when my father tore the "Cobra" album, he felt so guilty, it was special^^My father was the kindest man in the world, but he had no patience^^
@Makhno, souvenir (I was too young, born in 1981, I'm the Dorothée generation^^)

Sergio Z

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My first album ever... uhm, I think it was Navarrete World Cup 94. I'm not totally sure, because there was another album that year: Captain Tsubasa (also from Navarrete). I can't recall which one came first.
Today, none of them exist; they were all broken (I was three years old :p ), so mom threw them away many years ago. Just to mention, I couldn't complete any of them.

My first complete album ever is Saint Seiya (the first of a three Saint Seiya album series from Navarrete), from 1995. I completed it with the help of my older brother (or maybe I helped him, haha, he was a fan of Saint Seiya anime). I still keep the three albums, although they're in really bad conditions.

However, I will always consider Panini World Cup 2006 as my first album, because that was the starting point for taking sticker collections as a serious hobby :)
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So I was lucky for having completed "Cobra"
During 1985 and 1990, I completed three other albums: "The Real Ghostbusters" (@Danju ;-) ), "Olive et Tom", which is the name of Captain Tsubasa in France (@Sergio Z ;-) ), and the very controversial and today extremly rare "La Bande des Crados" (Garbage Pail Kids); I still have the last one, without the cover, because it's really expensive today to find it.
Moreover, I visited the Panini factory in France during my holiday in the South of France. I was 8...It was like a dream^^I had the possibility to visit everything: the long corridors with thousands of stickers everywhere, the offices, the stocks...It was different from now, and during the 80s the stickers for the French collections were in France and not in Bologna. They offered to me a factory sealed of my choice; I didn't like football at this time, I prefered "X-Or" (Space Sheriff Gavan); I still have this complete album, in mint condition, like a souvenir!

For football, the first one was French Football 88; I found the empty album in a supermarket, it was offered with a magazine for children ("Pif") but someone didn't want the album and let it there. My parents didn't like football, so I began it but without great motivation. I still have the first one (photo), and I finished it 5 years ago. Of course I found a new one in a better condition (photo, with an other empty album + set)! Finally I discovered football through the cartoon "Captain Tsubasa" and became completly crazy with it, in May 90 (1st match on TV, the final of the FA Cup Manchester United-Crystal Palace)...Of course, I collected and finished Panini Italia 90. New and long story with Panini football stickers! This album "Italia 90" is in absolute mint condition (photo, next to the Brazilian Edition), still in my own collection, and I kept even the doubles (more than 450!)



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There are 2 albums for Albator/Captain Harlock: 1978 (1st TV serie), and 1984 (the 2nd one); so, in 1979, it was for Albator/Harlock 78.
But you're right, I never understood why Harlock is called Albator in France! Maybe it's because "Captain Harlock" was too closed to "Captain Haddock", the friend of Tintin.

Albator/Harlock 1978

Albator/Harlock 1984 (MY generation^^, the best one!)
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Captain Future (aka Curtis Newton); one more time, in french, we respected nothing! Here his name is "Capitaine Flam" (like a flame...) instead of "Capitaine Futur".

My first album was Panini Football 78 (I remember being really pleased when I got Peter Shelton to complete the Nottingham Forest team) followed shortly after by the FKS Argentina 78 album.
My first card collection was Topps Footballer bubble gum cards 1977/78 (the series with the orange backs). The gum was awful, like chewing pink plastic :confused:

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