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Hey guys!

I decided to create this post to talk a little about the Brazilian World Cup albums before Panini.

As I said in this post, Panini came to Brazil in 1989 and partnered with a famous publisher called Editora Abril. From then on, the official Panini albums started to be produced in Brazil (the first of the World Cup was the one in 1990). Prior to that, albums were unofficial and some were produced by a brand of gum called Ping Pong. The stickers came in chewing gum, which increased tooth decay and dentists' profits.

Ping Pong made several albums that included different themes. We bought the gums and ordered the album through the Post Office. I remember albums about the Lion King, Guinness Book (one of my favourites) etc. I believe they didn't have a license to produce them, but they produced them anyway. In the 80s and 90s it was easier to do that kind of thing.

images (17).jpeg
The album about Guinness Book.

The 1982 World Cup was important for Brazil, because our team was good and we thought we would win the championship (there is a before and after this World Cup for our national team). Brazilian football became more pragmatic and it became more important to win or draw than to play beautifully. To give you an idea, even though Brazil won the 1994 World Cup, some people don't value that title because they didn't like the style of that team.

Therefore, the children collected this album a lot.

Nowadays, it is rare, and can be found in replica (fac-similar) versions.

Some stickers are similar to those found on the official 1982 Panini version.

I'll put some images from the album for you:

The cover

The intro part. "The World Cup is ours".

I like stickers of old posters

The brazilian team have two pages

Anothers national teams have one page.

Some national teams have only 5 stickers.

The link to this album: https://issuu.com/figurinhaec/docs/1982_espanha
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