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To commemorate the victory of Brazil in the 1958 World Cup, the publisher Aquarela released the album "Brasil Campeão Mundial de 1958" which contained 24 stickers. It had stickers for all the players, the masseur Mario Américo and the physical trainer Paulo Amaral. I believe that these stickers represent the national team's pride in having prepared very well for this World Cup.

For curiosity: The press at the time criticized the defeat in the 1954 World Cup, and Nelson Rodrigues, a sports writer and brother of Mário Filho (the Maracanã stadium bears his name), said that the Brazilian team, even having the best players, went unprepared and devalues before international players. This he called the "complexo de vira-lata" (mutt complex or underdog complex), a term we still use when we devalue ourselves to a foreigner person or country. CBD, to get around this situation, prepared well, hiring a physiotherapist, psychologist, etc. Garrincha did not pass the psychological tests, but they asked to keep him in the national team.

The album size is small. I need to find out how people got the stickers; if it came in any sweets, in envelopes, etc.

As far as I know, it is the album that contains the first Pelé and Garrincha sticker.

This album had three editions:

Released in 1958, with a globe on the cover.

Released in 1958, an extra edition, without the globe on the cover. (Same content as the earlier version).

Launched in 1959, containing content from the 1959 Copa Sulamericana already printed in the album.

The three albums, side by side, and the differents contents:




The probabily first Pelé sticker (Pele rookie). Below, we can read: "Edson Arantes do Nascimento, o benjamin da equipe, tem 18 anos apenas. 1 metro e 70. 61kg. Com 15 anos, já era internacional. Uma das mais risonhas promessas do nosso futebol".

It could be translated to: "Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the team's angel (or boy), is only 18 years old. 1,70m. 61 kg. At 15, he was already international. One of the brightest (or smiley) promises in our football".


Garrincha's probabily first sticker. Below, we can read: "Manoel Francisco dos Santos. Pertence ao Botafogo de F. B. Tem 24 anos. 1 metro e 74. 68kg. A revelação do campeonato mundial é agora considerado como melhor ponteiro do mundo inteiro. Muito rígido, driblador, extraordinário".

It could be translated to: "Manoel Francisco dos Santos. Belongs to Botafogo de F. B. He is 24 years old. 1,74m. 68kg. The revelation of the world championship is now considered the best pointer in the entire world. Very confident, dribbler, extraordinary".

The album's content:

page_1 (1).jpg
page_2 (1).jpg
page_3 (1).jpg
page_4 (1).jpg
page_5 (1).jpg
page_6 (1).jpg
page_7 (1).jpg
page_10 (1).jpg
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page_12 (1).jpg

You can browse the album here: https://issuu.com/figurinhaec/docs/1958_brasil_compe_o_mundial

Information added:

I find another album, made by another publisher, but it have the same stickers. It was published in 1974:



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