Álbum Perú 2006


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Hi to all of you.
Today I will going to talk you about the album of Perú 2006 edited by Panini.

- Have 248 stickers and letters from A to T of special peruvian footballers stickers.
- In front page is the Cup and the logos of the federations
- In second page is a resume of the Apertura. The team that won, the best player, the player that do more goals, the best DT, the best macth, the best goalkeeper, etc.
- The next pages is the teams, every team have 18 stickers(1 logo, 1 shirt, 2 stickers for the team, and the others 14 to players)
- In the last pages, there is a section that is called 'Peruvian Footballers in the World'(Lika Pizarro, Guerrero, Farfán, Solano, Mendoza, Vargas, etc) that show the footballers that play in other countries. This section have stickers from A to T. The best footballers have 2 stickers and the others only 1.
- And in the last page is a fixture of the matches

- The sticker pack have 5 stickers on it
- A pack of 100 stickers cost S/.20.00(aprox.$8.00)

- In my opinion this is the best album that Panini edit for the Peruvian League because have a good design, a lot of data's and I like a lot the part of the Peruvian Footballers in the World.

I hope you liked this album as much I liked and called your attention . Finally I wanted to congratulate Pavle for create this group and gave the oportunity to everyone to share our coleccions and know more.
Greetings from Peru friends collectors!

Álbum Perú 2006 FOTO PAQUETE.jpg Peru 2006 5.jpg Peru 2006 1.jpg Peru 2006 2.jpg Peru 2006 3.jpg Peru 2006 4.jpg


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Great way to present a very interesting collection. Thanks @Gabriel

I have three albums from Peru. Copa Cable Magico (I think its something like 2009-2011 but I am not sure).
This album seams better than Copa Cable one.

Collection seams quite unique. I do not remember seeing similar patterns and designs in any other Panini albums. It reminds me more on non-official version which is quite funny.


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Yes! There was an álbum of Copa Cable Mágico 2009 and other of 2010. I didn't like the one of 2009 :/ it's not too interesesting. The one of 2010 I didn't have :/ . Thanks for your word and for create this forum.
Greeting from Perú, Pavle!


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How many Panini albums from Peru? I've got 4 (2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010); are there other albums?


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Hi! Yes, from Panini there are only 4 albums(2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010) . But from Navarrete(Panini peruvian editor of albums) there are many others...The last album from Navarrete from the National League from Perú was in 2003.

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