trading cards

  1. raj3sh

    Cristiano Ronaldo Card Collection

    Almost 1 year since i have started collecting one of the best players the world have ever seen. I thought i will display ronaldo's cards here. I will start with his rookie card 2002-2003 Panini MegaCraques in Sporting Club uniform.It was widely known that Sir Alex Ferguson signed ronaldo for...
  2. Gabriel

    Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016

    Hi. Today I will show you some photos and information from the new collection of PANINI Adrenalyn XL Copa America USA 2016! It's a collection of 315 trading cards, including Team Mates, Team Logos, Goal Machines, Key Players, etc. Here I upload some photos with details :) If someone have other...
  3. F

    2016 Topps MLS trading cards

    I opened a box of this stuff and it is very similar to Showcase Champions League Soccer, both in terms of quality and design except that you also get 1 extra jersey hit in addition to 2 autos. The design is ok but not mind-blowing by any measure. A big problem is that Topps decided to represent...