1. Serix7

    Topps Cricket Attax IPL

    Hello! I am looking for Topps Cricket Attax of Indian Premier League. Any seasons, cards can be with small damages. I want to swap or buy. Someone have ?
  2. Serix7

    Topps match attax 2013 Afghanistan Premier League 2013

    Hi, Yesterday I recived pack, envelope with very rare cards from Afghan league 2013 by Topps. This collection are published about september 2013, in Afghanistan. I have only 2 cards, but i am very happy, that i have cards from amazing, one of most rariest series published in the World. Cards...
  3. Rom1Marseille

    Vysshaya Liga Carouzel / Stickito 2016/17

    Someone have news about the belarus stickers collection ? :D
  4. Andy1

    Topps NOW Premier League Cards

    New Custom Cards produced by Topps... Now available on the UK Topps Official website where sales per cards are for 24 hour period after each round of fixtures in Premier League. The top moments of the week are portrayed in cards. Popularity looks like it will be minimal however if your a fan...
  5. F

    Topps 2016 Apex MLS Soccer

    It is a really amazing product in terms of value! Designs are very standard for Topps soccer sets, but you get 2 autos and a jersey for less than $40. It is actually cheaper than a box of stickers in the US! Although autographs are on stickers, the autograph list is very strong with the majority...
  6. F

    2016 Topps MLS trading cards

    I opened a box of this stuff and it is very similar to Showcase Champions League Soccer, both in terms of quality and design except that you also get 1 extra jersey hit in addition to 2 autos. The design is ok but not mind-blowing by any measure. A big problem is that Topps decided to represent...
  7. F

    Topps MLB 2016 stickers

    I just completed the set. My general impressions: + really easy to complete (cheap!): I bought 1 box of 50 packs with 8 stickers per pack and completed the set. This would be impossible with any of Panini modern sets. + mascot stickers: not something you see in sticker collections on regular...
  8. raj3sh

    Raj3sh's Manchester United PC

    Hi All , My name is Rajesh and i am from India . I am a big Man United Fan so I mainly collect Manchester United cards . I will list down my collections here . Upper Deck Manchester united jersey cards . These are from the following collections 2004 Upper Deck Manchester United SP...
  9. A

    Andy's Feedback