1. Serix7

    SuperGoal 2017/18-Buying

    Hi guys. I am looking for some packets and empty boxes from Supergol. I have a few but I still looking for more. If someone have any pack/box please sent me PM. Especially looking for box from 1 photo from left
  2. Serix7

    First look for Israel Supergol 2018-2019

    Hi ! I find some images of products from Israel Supergol 2018-2019. Products about which we know: 1. Box 50 + 50 (Total is 100 packs) costs about 200 NIS = 55 $ 2.Box 25+ 25 (Total is 50 packs) price is about 100 NIS = 28 $ 3. Album + 10 packs - price is about 50 NIS = 14 $ 4. Ball- tin box -...
  3. Serix7

    Looking for israel supergol 2014-15 coin pack

    Hello, I am looking for empty or sealed pack from coins israel supergol 2014/15 If somebody have this pack, contact me.
  4. Serix7

    Need help from Israel !

    Hey, If there are Israeli collectors here, I need a few items from the Israeli Supergoal league. Need; supergol 2014-15 - album and packages supergol 2016-17 - album and packages supergol 2017 -18 - packages. Also looking for an empty box or tin of supergoal from any series! If you have this...
  5. Boyar

    P.M.I Supergoal 2016-2017 (Israel)

    The album has been released in Israel yesterday. This year its the 20th anniversary to the SuperGoal collection, like years before - the first series is an 1+1 packs Please vore for adding the collection on LastSticker: On the front cover, from...