1. bokasbokas

    Set of WC2018 stickers PINK back Made in Brazil for swap

    Hello, I have the set in the photos. I wanna swap for the stickers set of WC2018, with Made in Italy stickers. I just need the stickers. Someone wanna trade? I'm in USA. Regards!
  2. R

    Panini Euro 2016 - Belgium Fan stickers Coca Cola

    Hello, I'm trying to complete the 16 fan stickers Euro 2016 Coca Cola from Belgium. If you have some of my missing stickers please send me a message. (I have several stickers to offer). Thank you. I need: I can offer:
  3. Caiera

    Copa America 2019 - Brazil

    So, with the group stage draw today a very important question emerges: will panini release a sticker album for this one? I think so, and given that I couldn't found any threads abou this collection in the site, I created one myself, so feel free to drop here any new info you guys found. Also...
  4. Rom1Marseille

    Vysshaya Liga Carouzel / Stickito 2016/17

    Someone have news about the belarus stickers collection ? :D
  5. G

    World Cup France 98 Spanish Danone edition

    Hi, i´m searching for the 6 Spanish Danone stickers of France 98 edition that were only released for the Spanish version of this album. Preferably unused stickers but also recovered stickers would be better than nothing. Please contact me if you got any of these stickers. Thanks!
  6. amadeusstyle

    Selling an album

    Hi, I would like to know your opinion about the best places to sell football albums and stickers.
  7. Teo Lahmeyer

    Sealed Packets and Albuns for Sale - UEFA EURO 2016 - Copa America Centenário 2016 USA

    Hello friends. Panini, here in Brazil, published two new collections of figurines. - Copa America Centenario 2016 USA Packets in 3 different versions: (Contém 5 cromos, Contiene 5 stickers e Contiene 5 Figuritas) - $ 0.45 each. - Album (Softcover): $ 2.40 each. - UEFA EURO 2016 Packets in...
  8. DamianGutierrez

    Many Collections From Peru

    Im looking for anyone who needs some panini or navarrete / capri albums i got many albums to swap and i´m open to listen any possible change what i have to change at this moment is ( i could find anything that you are looking for): Copa America Centenario Panini : Boxes, Albums, Stickers...
  9. A

    Andy's Feedback