1. B

    David Beckham Shreddies Sticker rarity/value

    Hello! I am new to this forum but i simply need help determining raw value of this very rare sticker if compared to the Merlin 96 copy. As a Beckham collector, and since psa pop is 2, i am debating about sending it Express of selling it raw which would allow me to buy other copies (I have the...
  2. MarKoLektor

    NBA 2017-18 Sticker Collection

    Does anyone know when Panini will release a new sticker album for the 2017-18 NBA Season?
  3. justinabaharun

    For Sale France EURO 2016 stickers packets, a box of 50 packs and loose stickers

    Hi, I am selling :- Sealed Packets of euro 2016 stickers (1 euro each) 2 sealed boxes of 50 packets euro 2016 (35 euro each) 10 Updated stickers set for euro 2016 (18 euro each) loose stickers I have all the players stickers except the shiny ones ($0.20 euro each) Shipping costs will be...
  4. Voldrinhos

    Panini Carrefour #Tousenfrance (Belgium)

    From April 6th till 28th of June you can find in your Carrefour hypermarkets, Carrefour markets and Carrefour Express stores a superb collection of 340 Panini stickers and tattoos 20 of the Belgian National Team. All you have to do is you make purchases in our stores and show the cashier your...
  5. JackWild

    I’ve created a new sticker and card trading site – opinions wanted.

    A quick bit of history: About five years ago my kids were trying to complete a superhero sticker album using swapstick and despite having a lot of swaps, it wasn’t very successful because they always found it really difficult to find matching swapping partners. That made me think of ways to fix...