sealed packets

  1. G

    FOR SALE, RARE / Panini Copa America 2001 / Selecoes Da America Selecionnes De America 2001 Complete set

    For sale, extremely rare set of stickers from Panini Selecoes Da America Selecionnes De America 2001 / Copa America 2001 Complete set! Stickers are new from sealed packs - 100% original Don't miss this incredible opportunity!!! I have as well some sealed packs: 2 versions, one in Spanish and...
  2. Serix7

    Sealed packs for swap/sale

    Hello! I have some packs for swap or sale: Israel supergol 2017-18 panini superstars czech edition Multipack poland national team (2 packs , 2 limited edition cards) If you have packs for swap, please contact us.
  3. Teo Lahmeyer

    Sealed Packets and Albuns for Sale - UEFA EURO 2016 - Copa America Centenário 2016 USA

    Hello friends. Panini, here in Brazil, published two new collections of figurines. - Copa America Centenario 2016 USA Packets in 3 different versions: (Contém 5 cromos, Contiene 5 stickers e Contiene 5 Figuritas) - $ 0.45 each. - Album (Softcover): $ 2.40 each. - UEFA EURO 2016 Packets in...