real madrid

  1. raj3sh

    Cristiano Ronaldo Card Collection

    Almost 1 year since i have started collecting one of the best players the world have ever seen. I thought i will display ronaldo's cards here. I will start with his rookie card 2002-2003 Panini MegaCraques in Sporting Club uniform.It was widely known that Sir Alex Ferguson signed ronaldo for...
  2. Gabriel

    PANINI REAL MADRID 2016/2017

    Since 2006-2007, Panini made every year a collection for Real Madrid (They also published from Atlético Madrid and Barcelona, but since 2014/2015 season, there's no any collection about that clubs) . This week was published in Spain the new collection of Real Madrid 2016/2017, 175 stickers to...
  3. F

    Panini Real Madrid 2015-16

    So it seems that Real Madrid will be the only Spanish team collection this year as for some reason Panini is not issuing Barcelona and Atletico Madrid sets. The set is physically of a great quality: the stickers and album are both oversized and thick (compared to Euro, Copa America, NHL etc.)...