1. G

    7th international soccer exchange fair

    Presenting the 7th international exchange fair in Eeklo (Belgium) International exhibitors from all over europe gather on the 10th of Februari 2024 in Eeklo. The biggest Panini stickers and cards event of Belgium.
  2. Guinness

    Buying/swapping older (from 2011 to 2017) Champions League stickers and cards

    Hello everyone, I'm sharing a list of items I need to complete my Dinamo Zagreb collection. Please inform me if you have any of these items available (even if it's just a single card or sticker) and let me know your preferred method of exchange (money, trade, etc.). Thank you! I will be...
  3. Guinness

    Missing stickers for Champions League 08/09 and 09/10

    Hi all, trying to finally complete my Champions League albums from 08/09 and 09/10. I need for 08/09: 10, 76, 312 I need for 09/10: 173, 359 I have a lot for swap from those or other collections also interested in buying them. Let me know if you have them, don't care much about condition.
  4. Guinness

    WTB: Panini Champions League 2007-08 box (or doubles lot)

    Buying CL 07/08 box, don't care italy or brasil version. Missing 170 stickers to complete the album so if you have lot of 200 doubles I would consider buying it too.
  5. L

    Fake or reprint or just original?

    Hi! I am new in this forum and want to know if someone can help me with this. I´ve been a collector since I was a kid, but coming back collecting since a couple of years. Someone offered me this two stickers from Maradona: Panini Maradona 1982 and Panini Maradona 1986. I found on the web lot of...
  6. R

    Panini Euro 2020 Tournament - Complete Set Carrefour Spain (Spanish Team)

    I am selling the complete set for the Panini Euro 2020 Tournament - Carrefour Spanish Team Collection. Spanish Team: El Álbum de la Selección. The Official Collection of the Spanish national Team. Product exclusive in Carrefour - Panini Family. Only available in Spain Includes: - Hardcover...
  7. P

    Panini foot 88

    Hello guys! I hope you can help me! The thing is i have a Papin sticker, the only problem is that its in a whole player sheet (i attach a photo). Is it makes the card value worse? How much can it be? Thanks in advance.
  8. R

    Panini Euro 2016 - Belgium Fan stickers Coca Cola

    Hello, I'm trying to complete the 16 fan stickers Euro 2016 Coca Cola from Belgium. If you have some of my missing stickers please send me a message. (I have several stickers to offer). Thank you. I need: I can offer:
  9. Caiera

    Copa America 2019 - Brazil

    So, with the group stage draw today a very important question emerges: will panini release a sticker album for this one? I think so, and given that I couldn't found any threads abou this collection in the site, I created one myself, so feel free to drop here any new info you guys found. Also...
  10. M

    Panini FIFA WC Russia 2018 Sticker Album - Trade/Swap

    Hello, I'm looking to trade/swap stickers for the FIFA WC Russia 2018 Sticker Album. Please reply or message me if you're interested! This is what I need: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 19, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 52, 59, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 68, 69...
  11. CSKA Sofia Forever

    Panini Copa America 2015 Uruguay extra stickers & Ecuador update

    I am looking for the Uruguay version of the Panini Copa America 2015 album (empty) with all pertaining extra stickers of the Uruguay national team (loose). I am also looking for the update sheet with Ecuador players. I can offer a very good price. If you are interested in swapping, I might have...
  12. CSKA Sofia Forever

    Panini 2010 and 2014 Vache qui rit stickers Algeria

    I am looking for the complete Panini Vache qui rit sets of Algeria national team players in the 2010 and 2014 World Cups (with or without the leaflet/album). I can offer you a very good price. If you are interested in swapping, I might have interesting stuff for you. Just let me know what you...
  13. W

    Moisture! How to save an album?

    Hi, I have a Korea Japan 2002 album from Panini which started to get mildew or mold, I am not sure. The smell is strong and it has little red stains that were going to spread I think so. How to fix this? Is there a way I can kill the mold/mildew without ruining the album? How can I get rid of...
  14. Voldrinhos

    Panini Adrenalyn XL Foot 2018

    ADRENALYN XL ™ Foot (Ligue 1) is a a early released collection that counts 471 cards this year, including 110 specials produced with unique materials and sublime to store in your numbered binder. From mid-October onwards, new cards will be added to the collection, echoing the summer market...
  15. Gabriel

    Panini Liga Bancomer Mexico 2017/2018

    First images about the next collection from Panini released in Mexico: Liga Bancomer Apertura 2017 / Clausura 2018. ➡ It will be probably launched at August 15th.
  16. Gabriel

    PANINI REAL MADRID 2016/2017

    Since 2006-2007, Panini made every year a collection for Real Madrid (They also published from Atlético Madrid and Barcelona, but since 2014/2015 season, there's no any collection about that clubs) . This week was published in Spain the new collection of Real Madrid 2016/2017, 175 stickers to...
  17. Rom1Marseille

    Vysshaya Liga Carouzel / Stickito 2016/17

    Someone have news about the belarus stickers collection ? :D
  18. Gabriel

    Panini Greek Super League 2016/2017

    Already available in Greece! The new collection from Panini about the Super League 2016/2017 was released this week. The album contains 40 pages and includes 16 teams. 372 total of stickers (18 special stickers) If someone has already the collection or have more info please add it!
  19. Gabriel

    PANINI Album Paolo Guerrero

    FINALLY A COLLECTION FROM PANINI MADE JUST FOR PERÚ! On 9th of December the collection from PANINI of Paolo Guerrero will be available. More info in the next days....
  20. D

    Panini Carrefour Fiers D'etre Bleus Euro France 2016 - Packs

    I'm selling 20 sealed packs of this excellent collection. Price: 15 euro + shipping Feel free to send me a pm for details/questions. More on the collection here: