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  1. E

    Cool old cards need pricing. Help!

    Hello I recently found some old cards I collected around 10 years ago and found some pretty cool seemingly rare cards. These are things like limited editions, hat trick hero's and all sorts. Over 150+ shiny/special cards. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about prices or what is rare...
  2. memorabiliaportuguesa

    Uefa Champions League 2019/2020 United Kingdom version products

    Hello everyone, I'm avaialble to swap this products from UCL Match Attax UK version. The products are: 4x multipacks, 2x Mega Multipacks, 1 Tin Super Boost Strikers I'm looking specially by Adrenalyn Euro 2020 products but all sugestions are welcome. I prefer swap, but I can sell too...
  3. Serix7


  4. RichardWFootballCards

    English Premier League Match Attax 2015-16 Code Cards

    Hi We are trying to collect the online code cards for my sons' School....they are desperate for a new kit!! If anyone has any codes they dont want please could you let me know...or if you are collecting the codes to play for the Pro 11s you can still enter them on your own account but if you go...
  5. RichardWFootballCards

    Our Match Attax Collection...with loads of Rare Cards!!

    Please check out our Match Attax collection from 2007 to present with loads of rare and special cards inc every Master Card and over 20 official signed cards with holograms!