1. Voldrinhos

    Panini Adrenalyn XL Foot 2018

    ADRENALYN XL ™ Foot (Ligue 1) is a a early released collection that counts 471 cards this year, including 110 specials produced with unique materials and sublime to store in your numbered binder. From mid-October onwards, new cards will be added to the collection, echoing the summer market...
  2. justinabaharun

    For Sale France EURO 2016 stickers packets, a box of 50 packs and loose stickers

    Hi, I am selling :- Sealed Packets of euro 2016 stickers (1 euro each) 2 sealed boxes of 50 packets euro 2016 (35 euro each) 10 Updated stickers set for euro 2016 (18 euro each) loose stickers I have all the players stickers except the shiny ones ($0.20 euro each) Shipping costs will be...
  3. L

    EM 2008 Extra-Stickers

    Hi guys! I have the following Update-Stickers of the "UEFA Euro 2008" collection for sale: The prices would be as follows: Portugal-Sheet: 7 EUR France-Sheet: 8 EUR Italy-Sheet: 8 EUR Czech-Sheet: 11 EUR Poland-Sheet: 12 EUR Spain-Sheet: 12 EUR All sheets are new and therefore in perfect...