1. Rom1Marseille

    Vysshaya Liga Carouzel / Stickito 2016/17

    Someone have news about the belarus stickers collection ? :D
  2. F

    Topps 2016 Apex MLS Soccer

    It is a really amazing product in terms of value! Designs are very standard for Topps soccer sets, but you get 2 autos and a jersey for less than $40. It is actually cheaper than a box of stickers in the US! Although autographs are on stickers, the autograph list is very strong with the majority...
  3. A

    Andy's Feedback

  4. raj3sh

    Rookie Card Thread - Update if you know more

    Hi All , I am creating this thread to identify the rookie card of various players so that collectors can look this thread and identify them . I am starting with the Rookie Card for Luke Shaw . He started his career with Southampton and started playing in the premier league during the 2012...