empty album

  1. edison

    Could you explain to me the Origin of "Reprint Albums" and how to distinguish them from an Original Album?

    This album Munchen 74 empty... Album figurine PANINI MUNCHEN 74 Leer Empty Vide COPY If the seller does not notice that it is a Copy, anyone who is not an expert could believe that it is an Original Album. ¿Why did Panini print these albums so similar to the Originals?
  2. G

    Panini World Cup and Euro items - search and offer - large choice for swap or trade

    I´m swapping all of my listed sticker items also vs. numbered Prizm Parallel cards + Signature cards WC 2014 and / or extra cards of Adrenalyn XL 2010 + 2014. I´m offering generous ratios for WC 2014 Adrenalyn XL rare Lim´s, green, gold + black Prizms and for (Combo) Signatures. Searching for...
  3. L

    How do you collect?

    Hi guys, until know, I have always glued all my collected stickers in the corresponding albums. Over the last few months I have often seen, that many people are collecting loose sets of stickers and empty albums. So I am wondering how you guys are collecting? Do you glue your stickers in the...