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    Panini World Cup and Euro items - search and offer - large choice for swap or trade

    I´m swapping all of my listed sticker items also vs. numbered Prizm Parallel cards + Signature cards WC 2014 and / or extra cards of Adrenalyn XL 2010 + 2014. I´m offering generous ratios for WC 2014 Adrenalyn XL rare Lim´s, green, gold + black Prizms and for (Combo) Signatures. Searching for...
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    How do you collect?

    Hi guys, until know, I have always glued all my collected stickers in the corresponding albums. Over the last few months I have often seen, that many people are collecting loose sets of stickers and empty albums. So I am wondering how you guys are collecting? Do you glue your stickers in the...